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Customer Feedback Systems
The sales game has reformed altogether augmenting the delivery of superior customer service due to economic slump setting innovative frontline standards for businesses. Customers being more demanding than before want to be totally sure before they make a purchase. They wish to experience a fulfilling seamless service, leaving them happier, contented and wanting for more. It becomes imperative to connect to them directly, listen to their articulated, unarticulated needs and wants before taking any action.

How to understand them better?

The answer is simple – ask them. Their feedback is indispensable. It conveys what’s working with the customer and what needs attention. Statistics say 76 % of the marketers today feel that they know what their customers want but only 34% actually ask the customers what they want.

Traditional surveys/customer feedback systems capture customer satisfaction and feedback ensuring incremental innovation. Today’s customer is multi-faceted; he has preferences, future needs, latent needs, and dreams so on and so forth. There is a need to have a systemized method to capture paradigm shift and real time voice of customer.

How to simplify and fasten the capturing of feedback at several customer touch points?

Similarly, how can one ensure that they would come back for more service because they were delighted with the experience?

We have the answer for you, right here.

We are proud to announce our new offerings based on Nihilent's Customer Experience Management (CEM) framework that will guide in both these aspects.

Feedback Management Systems (FMS): Through FMS you can tacitly capture customer insights at the moment of truth.

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14signals: Through 14 signals you can comprehend the customer loyalty drivers and analyzing them will then assist you in formulation/ revision of customer strategies.

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