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User Experience Laboratory Inauguration

Nihilent’s Design Thinking sessions in the US

LC Singh, CEO of Nihilent, explains the concept of Design Thinking to business leaders
in a series of seminars and workshops across different locations in the US.

SAP SAPPHIRE Now and ASUG Annual Conference at Orlando, Florida

CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards (2015-16)

The 14th Annual CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards was held at Le Meridien, Coimbatore, on January 24, 2017.
Following are some glimpses from the event.

For more information visit :

CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards 2017: Invitation for Expression of Interest

We invite Government departments from GOI and states to submit Expression of Interest for the project category of the
14th CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards

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