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KMA Workshop for Corporate Heads of Kerala
The Indian Express, Dec 4, 2017

KOCHI: Kerala Management Association organised an exclusive workshop for over 50 business owners and heads of corporate companies of Kerala on the new management topic – Design Thinking. The workshop was facilitated by LC Singh, Global Vice-Chairman and CEO of Nihilent Technologies. .

LC Singh is one of the pioneers and foremost authorities on this topic and is invited to global conferences to educate corporate chieftains on this topic to enable them to innovate and succeed in today’s changing times. He explained with examples – the success stories of top companies of the world who have adopted Design Thinking principles and failures of those leading brands like Blackberry, Kodak etc., who failed to accept the changing environment and adapt to it accordingly . The audience comprised CEOs and key decision makers of almost all the leading public and private sector companies of Kerala cutting across all domains of business.

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Nihilent Technologies launches User Experience lab
The Economic Times, Aug 18, 2017

PUNE: Nihilent Technologies, a global consulting and solutions integration company inaugurated its ‘User Experience Laboratory’ in Pune. Comprising ideation studios, interview and observation rooms that capture emotion with advanced technologies, this facility provides role-based experience to users across all lines of business. The lab enables blending the perspectives of design, engineering, user experience and marketing to deliver innovation. The facility was inaugurated by F.C. Kohli, the founder CEO of Tata Consultancy ServicesBSE 1.32 %, considered by most the father of the Indian IT industry. .

LC Singh, CEO, Nihilent said, “Customer-first attitude drives businesses today and is the way forward. Empathy in understanding the needs and expectations of the customer is the essence of design thinking. We, at Nihilent, understand this and therefore have been a strong proponent of Design Thinking. Our ‘User Experience Laboratory’ makes empathizing with customer’s possible, thus creating an interesting phase in IT industry.”.

The lab will be led by a select team of design thinking experts, data scientists, engineers and management consultants, and is equipped to deliver leading-edge solutions to businesses across different industries. Nihilent has developed a structured framework in accordance with industry-recognized principles and includes the six stages: Sense, Immerse, Define, Ideate, Build and Validate. This framework aims to contribute to growth and adds value to customers’ businesses.

F.C. Kohli, said, “I am impressed with the leadership at Nihilent & their commitment. For me, it is an experience and learning for sure. I wish them well and a bright future”.
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