Design Thinking


Design Thinking is an iterative human-centered approach to problem-solving.

In conventional design methods, very peripheral or scrappy research on the problem is seen as enough to craft a product or service. However, in Design Thinking it is mandatory that we observe, interact and immerse in the environment and experience the problems ourselves before we begin designing / prototyping a solution.

Design Thinking is especially relevant when CEOs and business leaders think of adopting digital transformation as means to improve their customer interactions and create loyalty by continually meeting their needs and aspirations. It is about internalizing the people’s plight, understanding and defining the underlined issues and then using innovative techniques to create alternative designs / prototypes for them to choose.

Service Offerings:
  • Design Thinking Introduction to CXOs – 2 hours
    This is a 2-hour session facilitated by Nihilent’s global Design Thinking Expert for the entire EXCO team of your company. The outcome is to introduce the concept of Empathy, Emotion, and Experience in Design Thinking.
  • Workshop on Design Thinking – 3 days
    Nihilent conducts a 3-day workshop for leadership and middle management teams to demonstrate the value of design thinking in areas of product and service design. It is Proof-of-Concept (POC) driven and also a hands-on approach to go on to the field and empathize with end customers/users using the tools that are taught in the workshop.
  • Problem-solving project – 6 to 9 months
    The customer identifies a critical challenge in their business that needs to be addressed. We at Nihilent along with the customer project team will use all the Design thinking methodologies, tools, and frameworks related to empathy workshops, persona design, customer journey mapping, experience design, usability testing and branding through emotional connect.

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The CXO Breakfast session

If you’re a strategist, if you’re a CXO, and you’re thinking about how to differentiate your company and your offerings, and you’re not thinking about that experience, you’re probably missing out on a very, very important lever. It’s not enough to just sell a product or service—companies must truly engage with their customers at an emotional level.

CXOs will spend a breakfast session learning about and practicing alternative paths to leadership and innovation by applying Design Thinking tools to strategy, product, innovation, and engagement. In this session, CXO’s will learn to embed experience design in their organizations by:

  • Really understanding the customer
  • Bringing empathy to the organization
  • Designing in real time
  • Acting quickly

They will go through a condensed and simple approach to practice design thinking tools and techniques, such as customer interviews, ideation, rapid prototype development through an iterative, collaborative process of getting and applying feedback. They will then be capable of applying these tools to address their own business challenges.

Facilitator: LC Singh, Global Vice Chairman and CEO, Nihilent

LC Singh (LC) is a pioneer of the Indian Consulting and IT industry. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School and the Indian Institute of Technology – Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU). LC gets invited to speak globally in conferences that relate to Design Thinking, Change management, and Digital disruption.

He founded Nihilent in 2000 with head office in India and global offices in South Africa, the USA, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Nihilent has emerged as one of the most creative design thinking and consulting companies globally to help customers innovate, grow and be efficient.

LC is also a globally recognized and certified Design thinker and Systems thinking expert. He is the author of Nihilent’s patented change management framework MC³. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI). He continues to be a student of ontology and epistemology.

Client Testimonials

“The way you walked us through design thinking, an intelligent subject, in an intuitive and simple way was absolutely fascinating” – Anurag Vohra, Sr.VP and Head, India business, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.

“As LC rightly says, we need to begin with the end in mind…. if we don’t try and understand the mind of the customer, we will become another of those failed past giants “ – Jithoo Daya, BI Consultant:

“LC’s session was very informative… a very successful morning. In general, the whole market is shifting in regards to the consumer aspect of things. In the past, we were more dogmatic as suppliers to our clients…. now we need to engage them more along the design principles” – Graham Bentley, MD, Paracon:

Jithoo Daya, BI Consultant

Graham Bentley, MD, Paracon

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