Government and Public Sector


Nihilent partners with a broad range of Government and State-run enterprises to help them improve performance and enhance their accountability. Our team consists of specialists that have valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by leaders of Government and Public Sector enterprises.

Service Offerings
  • Fostering Innovation which takes a back seat because they are insulated from competition and targets
  • Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities, which hinders performance
  • An unchanging workforce in a rapidly changing world – many State-run enterprises lack the skills they need
  • In the public sector, performance management – the setting of specific targets and indicators that measure achievement – “Is often noticeable by its absence”.
  • Improving efficiency in operations

Business Consulting Service Offerings

Nihilent’s IT and software services are positioned to support a customer’s requirements across the Software Development Lifecycle – from IT strategy and requirements engineering to application development, integration, re-engineering and support across technologies.

  • Software Application Development
  • Technology Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) Services
  • Application Maintenance
  • Managed Services and IT Support

Experience Showcase
  • South African Revenue Services, South Africa : South African Revenue Services is a tax collection authority. Nihilent was engaged to consult with the Commissioner’s Office and the Strategy and Planning Division in integrating the Metrics Office, Management Information System (MIS) and Process Documentation for its tax collection services.
  • Income Tax Office, India : Nihilent was involved in developing an intranet web-based solution for the Income Tax Office in order to improve transparency on the employee database as well as transfer orders among the employees of the Income Tax department for the Pune division covering its regional offices. The intranet was required as a knowledge portal for all employees and provided an easy and single source of reference for office orders, employee database, policies, events and trainings planned.
  • State Bank of India : State Bank of India is the largest and oldest bank of India, it has 13000 branches and more than 5,000 ATM’s across India with 200,000 employees. Nihilent provided consulting services to achieve objective of retaining existing customer and to acquire new customers. Nihilent also helped bank for improving banking experience of its customer

The Nihilent Advantage
  • A holistic view of consulting on key strategic assets of an organization- People, Process, Technology and Knowledge.
  • Strategy execution framework using the patented MC3 framework which looks at all-round organization transformation
  • Focus on continuous improvement with client engagement at the epicenter of value creation
  • Metrics based delivery model bringing incremental to transformational change in Time, Quality, Cost, and Productivity

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