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Nihilent is a global consulting and services company using design thinking approach to problem-solving and integrated change management. Our comprehensive range of expertise in process and technology enables customers to achieve new heights of business performance. Nihilent has a significant presence in India, USA, UK, Australia, and South Africa. We are a CMMI® Level 5 appraised and ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.

Nihilent provides a comprehensive range of process and technology-led transformation services leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business intelligence, data science, cloud services, IoT, and machine learning. We focus these services to Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain & Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, and Healthcare organizations.

Customer centricity is a mission at Nihilent, pursuing we have developed and been awarded a patent for Change Management based on our MC3 ® framework for Performance Management and Strategy Execution. We also have a patent for our predictive ‘Customer Loyalty Evaluation’ (CLE) model – 14 Signals® – which enables businesses to identify the loyalty drivers and build enduring customer loyalty successfully.

Additionally, we have developed a patent-pending design-thinking based Product Lifecycle Development framework- Prolicy D. It provides a structure that is measurable on a predetermined parameter, aligning the needs, wants and aspirations of customers to the product being developed. The model evaluates the success of the product based on its usability, aesthetics and most importantly, emotional connect.

Using our insights, we continue to enhance customers’ business outcome and efficiency by enabling effective decision-making. Creating an enriching customer experience and accelerating their revenue and growth.


2000. A watershed year for Indian IT, which had delivered successfully on the Y2K challenge and helped avert the collapse of global commerce and trade. Nihilent was incepted in the wake of such a turnaround, in August of the very year. Mr. LC Singh (LC), Executive Vice Chairman, was the pioneering founder of the company. LC, along with a group of like-minded people had observed that organizations were being presented with solutions that were technology-centric, and there was no mechanism to understand the dynamic nature of business. The question on their minds was ‘how does one help a business manage change?’ LC and team decided to set up a creative consulting organization with a holistic approach to problem-solving, introducing change through IT, people and process interventions. The company from its very inception has been a global enterprise, though headquartered in India. The first South African owned Indian company in the region, Nihilent found strategic investors in Nedcor Bank, a leading South African bank, Nihilent was geared up to serve key customers in the country as well as in other emerging markets. Over the last 18 years, Nihilent has come a long way, and is today a truly global company with footprints in five continents.


Nihilent is a public limited company, with 70% of shareholding by Hatch Investments (Mauritius) Ltd., further held by Dimension Data Group, a global IT services leader with a worldwide presence.

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