Our Global Leadership Team
L C Singh
Director and Executive Vice Chairman
Minoo Dastur
Director, President & CEO
Shubhabrata Banerjee
Group CFO
Vineet Bahal
Sr. Vice President and MD – Nihilent Analytics Ltd.
Cdr Das Mallya (Retd.)
Group Vice President – Human Capital
Kumar Gaurav
Vice President – Sales
Chris Chapman
Chairman – Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd.
Gunendra Patil
Vice President and CTO
Rahul Bhandari
Company Secretary
Abhay Y. Ghate
Vice President – Strategic Initiatives
N. Sundaresan
Vice President – Strategic Initiatives
Kerman Kasad
Vice President – Marketing and Corporate Communications
Our Advisors
Yash Pal Sahni
Prof. Mathukumalli Vidyasagar
Prateep Kumar Guha
Advisor, Nihilent Analytics Ltd.
Patrick Quarmby
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