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In the digital era, businesses in Australia are focused on responding to the impact of new technologies, disruptive business models, increasing regulations and most importantly, evolving customer demands. We at Nihilent partner with our customers and create value by rapidly delivering innovative solutions that meet end-user expectations.

Nihilent Australia helps companies transform their business and operating models by integrating people, process, technology and knowledge. We implement solutions for our clients using Design Thinking principles. Our mission is to help companies execute their business strategy better. We have delivered leading-edge solutions to Government agencies, leading businesses in the telecommunications, asset management, fintech, among other industries, in the areas of digital strategy, user experience, application development and many more. In addition, we are currently delivering projects to and are on the consulting and advisory panels of Federal and State Government departments in Australia.

Leadership Team

Chris Chapman
Chairman – Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd.
Robin Rastogi
Vice President and Regional Head – Australia
Kumar Gaurav
Global Head – Sales and Marketing

Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd.

Level 2, Dimension Data Offices,
Darling Park, Tower 3,
201 Sussex Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (0) 426188258

Nihilent Australia Pty Ltd.

Level 7, 11-17 Dorcas Street,
South Melbourne VIC 3025
Tel: +61 415 503 069
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