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Following is a glimpse of some of the recent Australia-based events Nihilent organized and participated.

Demonstrating Design Thinking in Australia

LC Singh, our Executive Vice Chairman, in a very engaging session, had the IT leadership at one of ANZ’s largest food and manufacturing companies intrigued about how design thinking could be applied to new product design and launch, and how the framework could be institutionalized across the organization.

Design Thinking

Our Design Thinking sessions were later taken to a wider audience – an eclectic group of leaders from across domains including BFSI, Manufacturing, Health Insurance, Drone Services, Government among others.

Design Thinking

Change imperatives for the digital economy

IT modernization issues are a common problem for most companies, be it digitizing the customer purchasing experience, or shifting to contemporary power technologies like cloud computing and micro-services for software delivery. In the wake of digital disruption, businesses are also recognizing the urgent need to modernize their IT systems end-to-end, as opposed to traditional incremental approaches.

Nihilent, along with other industry leaders, presented a one-of-its-kind at the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to explore a holistic approach for upgrading and modernizing business technologies.

Design Thinking

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