Nihilent’s retail practice is focused on addressing retail industry challenges around customer engagement, omni-channel presence, deployment of business-critical enterprise technologies like ERP systems, along with profitable trading. We help retailers grow their business through specialized eCommerce, POS (Point of Sale), SAP S4 HANA implementation services, advanced analytics and machine learning driven solutions, UX Testing, Bespoke Application Development, Application Integration services and Mobile Solutions. At Nihilent, we bring a holistic approach in helping our clients transform to a digital business.

UX Testing

Customer is the king! And like a true king, your customer demands the best experience- anytime and anywhere. But, how do you measure an experience? Because only by leveraging what gets measured, you can craft meaningful and relevant experiences for your users. We, at Nihilent, understand that user experience is the new battle ground for all the digitally competing companies. Through our offering- User Experience Testing, we enable designing of products and services that people love, and that empower businesses to win.

Cloud based e-Commerce platform

Don’t build just another e- Commerce portal, build an intelligent platform! We offer you an e- commerce platform that has been intuitively designed so that your consumers love shopping with you. With our unique development methodology leveraging cloud, we deliver a platform that is secure, scalable, and device agnostic, ensuring unified experience across channels.

Omnichannel Marketing Analytics

Our SightN2™ for Omnichannel Marketing Analytics solution arms marketers with breakthrough insight and simplified decision-making tools to improve marketing performance. Marketing analysts, managers and agencies now have access to the previously hidden insights with easy-to-use dashboards, enabling strategic and tactical decision-making for high impact digital marketing.

Customer loyalty evaluation/ 14Signals

We had a question – “What ensures loyalty”? Our curiosity led us to create a powerful market sensing framework, our proprietary 14Signals. The framework helps us understand customer value by studying 8 value signals and 6 cost signals, across both the tangible and the intangible spectrum. By studying customer value at an expectation stage, pre-purchase, and at an experiential stage, post-purchase, the model helps us understand loyalty in a tangible way, in the form an index, the Predictive Loyalty Index.

When measured over a period of time, the tracker helps us predict customer loyalty. We have successful case studies of the 14Signals model implementations for banks, telecom, automotive sector companies and governments among others.


Combine the power of weather data with your organizations data, to turn insights into high value predictive action! Climalytics™ is a pre-defined weather analytics solution that delivers weather data such as temperature, precipitation, postal codes, etc. that easily “snaps-in” to various other types of custom data directly from your organization. Start gaining deeper insights and driving better decisions with a solution in 3 weeks or less!

Store location and site analytics

Opening a new retail store can be daunting especially when you don’t have any reliable insights to help you take informed decisions. With our store location and site analytics, we provide you exactly that. Based on the type of industry, insights around- demographics, competition, ease of doing business, probability of success- certainly empowers your decision makers.

Cannibalization analytics

Our Cannibalization Analysis provides a thorough comparison between profit from selling of existing product alone and profit from selling the product along with other new product(s). The analysis sliced and diced on various other parameters provides a holistic view of the launch of the new product and any cannibalization thereof.

Market basket analysis

Using our Market Basket Analysis technique, you can identify association between items and type of customers who bought it. With such insights, you would be able to offer personalized and effective recommendations, next best product, customize promotions and a lot more!

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