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Holistic Testing

Testing, conventionally, is all about checking if a product or service works, however at Nihilent we go beyond the conventional. For us software testing must balance cost, speed, and quality in driving the enterprises digital agenda without any compromises.

Holistic Testing, for us involves understanding the potential risks that a business is carrying in terms of a system or technology that has been used or added and if the customer can withstand that risk and providing a mitigation plan addressing the risk.

We understand the importance of mitigating risks, our team has years of experience and the expertise to be able to gather, study and analyze data that helps a business avoid potential risks that could affect their customers. We leverage the latest and the best of technology to be able to offer holistic testing services, that enable businesses to design products and services that people love, empowering businesses to win.

We have a state-of-the-art User Experience Laboratory (UX Lab) in India and South Africa, that houses the latest technological innovations that help us capture softer aspects like aesthetics, emotions, behaviours, satisfaction delivered and the quantitative aspect, covering a wide range of heuristics and usability metrics. Our Testing services cover both conventional as well as persona-based testing. While conventional testing is focused on functional and non-functional requirements, persona-based testing keeps usability, aesthetics, and emotional connect at its focus. A confluence of business-centric and user-centric testing philosophies, results in an integrated analysis of the whole system.

Our Key Capabilities

  • Deep dive to understand the customers’ expectations both from a qualitative and a quantitative standpoint.
  • Create and assess emotional connect with the customers to help design products that customers can fall in love with.
  • Enrich customer satisfaction.
  • Drive long term relationships and profitability.
  • Enable business to be agile by continuously conforming to changing customers’ expectations, through periodical verification and validation.