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Weather Driven Business Intelligence

Combine the power of weather data with your organizations data, to turn insights in to high value predictive action!

Climalytics™ is a pre-defined weather analytics solution that delivers weather data such as temperature, precipitation, snow cover, and extreme weather data (tornadoes, hail, storm cells, and lightning) that easily “snaps-in” to various other types of custom data direct from your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce overall operational costs, increase flexibility and agility for predicting more accurate on-hand inventory.
  • Enable more targeted sales and increased returns on marketing campaigns for your products and services.
  • Proactively predict and respond to weather issues impacting on-time delivery and logistics management.
  • Increased understanding and analytics to more accurately predict consumer buying behaviour.
  • Optimize product placement due to weather related behaviour.
  • Determine seasonal transition dates based on past trends and future forecasts.
  • Increased customer service and satisfaction by predicting staff scheduling.

Our customers using this solution have been able to redefine how they do business, realizing gaps and inefficiencies from the past while becoming increasingly proactive with future state planning. With clearly defined reports, dashboards and Azure Machine Learning models, our customers have been able to quickly identify potential issues and turn them in to solutions for success.