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Customer expectations are ever so closely linked to technology in today’s digital world. In pursuit of customer centricity, leaders are reimaging and reshaping their businesses by refocusing their business around customer needs. The start of the journey is the most critical element of this transformation, which needs to be set by having clarity around customer expectations from their product, service or solution. At Nihilent, our digital solutions fast-track the ability of the organization to harness the new opportunities opened by digital platforms by addressing needs of mobile enabled prospects, customers and employees.

Mobile money or mobile payments are rightly considered to be an important economic driver. Mobile money technology impacts the entire spectrum of beneficiaries, from the well-heeled to the unbanked in remote areas. Nihilent has been partnering with world’s leading mobile financial services providers for nearly a decade, in the successful implementation of their products and services. We have over the years, built extensive capability and capacity in the areas of system integration, professional services and support functionality across the breadth of the MFS ecosystem, while also collaborating with customers in the design and development of their products. Our suite of service offerings includes:
  • Ideation
    • Product design and development
    • Professional services
    • Managed services
    • SI Partnerships
  • System Integration
  • Platform Integration: Biller aggregators, International remittance, Micro finance, Banks, Cards, Payment gateways
  • Channel development: USSD, Mobile app, SMS, Web, S@T
  • Card integration: VISA, Mastercard
Nihilent has advanced the concept of virtual travel card by providing a foundation for a high level business model. The international prepaid virtual card offers a wide range of payment options for the ‘millennials’. The services we offer include:
  • Product conceptualization
  • Product design and development
  • Managed services
Extended MFS solutions
Reporting dashboard: Open source solution, role based reporting, customizable dashboards Staff loan portal: Microfinance web portal for FI, Loan against salary, Integration with platform Bulk utilities: Bulk registrations, bulk payments Rewards engine: Customer registration, transaction based point calculation, airtime redemption
Experience showcase
  • Implementation of Enterprise Edition platform at the world’s leading mobile financial services provider: In order to address the client’s aggressive go-to-market, Nihilent proposed a collaborative delivery model leveraging a distributed agile development methodology. Our solution enabled
  • System development and consulting for a pan African MFS company: For the last five years, Nihilent has been partnering the client by developing a core platform and conducting QA for new services as well as enhancing existing services
Customer demographics constantly change, along with their needs. Emotions dominate buying behaviour more than features and benefits. An excitement today becomes a known feature tomorrow and is used by everyone the day after. It is but imperative that the customer is brought to the center of business strategy. Nihilent understands the importance of tapping the pulse of the customer through a scientific approach. 14Signals is the world’s first and only patented framework providing a scientific way to listen to customers’ articulated wants, needs, unarticulated aspirations, emotional connect, psyche and future needs. The framework analyzes customer expectations and experience based on 14Signals, and helps you capture information on tangible monetary factors and intangible aspects such as emotional, psychological and ethical factors.
  • Providing insights about trends and customer preferences
  • New product/ service/ process innovation
  • New market entry
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Customer loyalty evaluation
  • New opportunity identification
  • New business model validation

SightN2 Framework for Digital Marketing
Nihilent Inc. presents a digital marketing solution that helps you market more profitably through improved discovery, insights and decision-making to maximize engagement via channel and campaign optimization. It gives marketers breakthrough insights and simplified decision making tools to improve marketing performance. Marketing analysts, managers and agencies can have access to the previously out-of-reach cross-channel insights and powerful, easy-to-use dashboards they need to take strategic action for high impact digital marketing. By leveraging Microsoft’s powerful Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing platforms integrated with leading online marketing tools and services, SightN2 for Digital Marketing enables marketers to:
  • Optimize channel and campaign spend
  • Build a platform for content personalization based on historical visitor behaviors
  • Enhance 1 on 1 visitor experience and engagement across channels
  • Create and evolve data driven marketing strategies to maximize ROI
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SightN2 for Healthcare
Nihilent Inc’s SightN2 for Healthcare is a modular business intelligence solution featuring patent-pending technology that automates the preparation and presentation of control charts. It is designed to help healthcare organizations identity and take actions on areas of opportunity and concern in the delivery of patient care, cost management, and more. SightN2 for Healthcare intuitively joins data that already exists in most electronic medical record, billing, coding, financial management, and operations applications.
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Today, cloud computing is an integral component of an organization’s business strategy, irrespective of its size. The speed, agility, and effectiveness that cloud offers is unparalleled and helps organizations transform customer relationship. Nihilent offers a robust suite of cloud services including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Software as a Service
Experience Showcase
  • Leading American e-Commerce company: Helped standardizing the product and service offerings module and managed the client’s campaigning in Salesforce
  • Migration of collaboration software to cloud: Nihilent’s strong business growth and widening geographic footprint necessitated the need for a comprehensive collaboration tool, which finally found a business case justified answer in cloud. The total cost of ownership of the cloud based solution was found to be 30% more cost-effective than the on-premise solution.
  • Leading American orthodontics company: Customized Salesforce instance while also providing data migration services from ACT to
Infrastructure/Platform as a Service
Experience Showcase
  • Leading document abstraction service provider: Nihilent has been providing end-to-end solution to this company; helped streamline operations by hosting the servers on Microsoft Azure cloud with predictive cash outflow
  • Learning management system: Hosted on Amazon, Learning Management System is Nihilent’s commitment under CSR to South African government to assess budding talent in South Africa
Organizational information resides not only in structured databases but also in unstructured artefacts like contracts, memos, e-mails, among others. Information from these unstructured sources often provide insight into a more structured data. While the market offers plenty of options to help in automatically extracting data from structured content, some businesses like healthcare, real-estate among others still rely heavily on unstructured documents and it is essential for management to have a 360o view of the business to take informed decisions on marketing, investment, legal, and competition. Nihilent’s abstraction tool automates extraction of information from unstructured sources. Based on our background and research in Natural Language Processing (NLP), we have developed a system using the Information Extraction (IE) and Information Retrieval (IR) algorithms to extract structured data from free text. A combination of rule based and machine learning based techniques is used to achieve this. The system reads and extracts data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages written in natural language using proprietary algorithms developed by Nihilent. Our information extraction solution involves three steps:

  • Information Extraction: Documents are scanned, and uploaded in the system; the analyst can write specific rules to be applied on the documents, to extract the required data.
  • Information Retrieval: NLP and proprietary algorithms are applied to retrieve the data from the documents. A combination of machine-learned and rule-based approach is used to perform this.
  • QA and Results: After data is extracted, it can be checked to validate if the required data is retrieved and new rules can be applied. Once the QA is complete the user can export the result in the desired format or a connector can be created to push the data to the IMS/BI system.

Business innovation seeks a validated market opportunity with customers willing to pay for a product or a service, and one that addresses such an opportunity. Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation. ‘No ideas’ translates to ‘No innovation’. It continues to be our privilege to partner with clients from around the globe to transform business ideas into clear market winners. To promote an innovative mind-set throughout the organization by encouraging collaboration and positive participation Nihilent has built an accelerator framework for Innovation tool implementation. This tool helps maximize innovation potential of employees and establish innovative culture.

What we offer:

  • Idea challenge management
  • Innovation hub management
  • Idea lifecycle management
  • User management ( admin, moderator, contributor)
  • Branding and customization
  • Notification management (blogs, noticeboards, newsletters and innovation corners)
  • Idea misappropriation tool
  • LDAP integration
  • Community management
  • Online store to redeem rewards
  • Gamification (leaderboard, profile ranking, rewards)
  • Optional – standalone hosting and administration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Optional – Idea implementation tracking tool
  • Social (thumbs-up, comment, follow/unfollow, live chat)

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