Nihilent offers in-depth knowledge of end-to-end e-Business, B2B and E-Commerce development solutions for different market verticals to help clients compete and excel in the digital marketplace.

We also provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Nihilent’s experience in this domain spans from large global corporations and new generation technology companies to small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Nihilent’s expertise
  • Integrating supply chain and distribution chain effectively
  • Improving sourcing and procurement processes and expanding access to trading partners and support services
  • Integrating business applications with trading partners’ application to reduce transaction handling/ processing cost
  • Be-spoke e-Business application development using new age web technologies
  • Seamless Integration with ERP and other Business applications
  • Use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for solution delivery
Experience Showcase
  • A global leader in provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure:The business challenge was non-compliance leading to loss of revenue due to lack of online integration with Cisco’s business applications. Nihilent’s Solution included Business-to-Business online application integration between Dimension Data and Cisco. Benefit derived by Customer was the real time integration with Cisco’s business application thereby helping them to achieve 100% compliance with Cisco’s global alliance requirements SLAs.
  • A leading American e-Commerce portal: The business Challenge was to develop e-commerce website as well as integrate with back-to-back vendor ordering with aggressive timelines to phase out existing application. Nihilent’s Solution included using Microsoft Software Factories to reduce the development timeline. Followed by in-factory preview towards end of development phase and finally rollout into customer’s environment. Benefits derived by Customer: Faster order fulfilment. Cost reduction by off shoring project. Nihilent helped reduction of rework by way of prototyping.
  • Leading distributor of electronic components distributing over 450,000 components from 2,500 suppliers; headquartered in UK with operations in all continents; Business Challenge was to develop buyer approval framework called Purchasing Manger for its E-Commerce website. Nihilent’s Solution included re-engineering of the existing Broad Vision solution to SOA architecture, which offers interoperability between different applications. Benefits derived by Customer: Customers can manage budget and apply approval controls for online purchasing. It also provides seamless integration for order fulfilment from end customer to the component suppliers & hence improves efficiency of entire supply chain.
The Nihilent Advantage
  • Cost effective open source technologies to build solutions
  • Experience in large scale integration using commercial products and custom services
  • Bespoke solution development compliant with international e-Business standards
  • Tools and frameworks developed in house aimed at quick integration with complex business applications
  • Leverage expertise on Mobile application development for M-Commerce and future generation Mobile Internet Devices

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