Testing, Verification & Validation

A Holistic Approach to Testing
Nihilent’s Testing philosophy is driven by business critical objectives. Nihilent has evolved its testing Processes based on IEEE 829 standards of testing. Nihilent’s holistic Testing, Verification and Validation (TV&V) model is risk-based and focuses on delivery of business value expected.
The benefits of business-centric Testing
  • Realization of expected business benefits from technology solution deployment
  • Improving time to market
  • Optimising costs
  • Ensuring quality through better processes, tools and techniques and appropriate risk management
  • Improving system availability levels, and reducing production support efforts
Experience Showcase
  • South Africa’s Leading Bank – Payment Tracking system : Nihilent was requested to create the test packs required for UAT testing. Nihilent successfully implemented the Triad methodology to prioritize the Business cases via, the creation of Business tree-maps, system interfaces before arriving at the Test cases
  • South Africa’s Leading Investment Bank – Wallstreet System : The client was replacing their existing Forex and Money Market system with Wallstreet system. As the system was complex and involves more than 40 interfaces to external systems, ensuring quality of the final system is a challenge. The bank entrusted Nihilent to take care of complete quality / testing responsibility. Nihilent drew the entire strategy .
  • Member of Barclays Group : Nihilent created Testing Centre of Excellence
  • One of the Big Four South African Banks : Nihilent created and executed Test Strategy for their IT Division
  • Multichoice, South Africa, a media company providing premium entertainment, including Internet and Pay TV subscriber services to over one million customers : Nihilent created and executed Test Strategy for their IT Division
The Nihilent Advantage
  • Advantage of the TV&V approach – holistic risk-based approach, able to identify the weak spots upfront; also tracks the complete life cycle of business transactions
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