Process Improvement Consulting

“In today’s software marketplace, the principal focus is on cost, schedule and function; quality is lost in the noise. This is unfortunate since poor quality performance is the root cause of most software cost, and schedule problems” – Watts Humphrey

  More than ever, companies want to deliver products and services better, faster, and cheaper. At the same time, in the high-technology environment of the twenty-first century, nearly all organizations have found themselves building increasingly complex products and services. Almost all companies are facing challenges, some of which are:

  • Rising costs
  • Requirements volatility
  • Task-based development approach
  • Problems in institutionalization of agile practices and sustained benefits.
  • No common process improvement framework across multiple disciplines
  • Low management visibility into progress
  • Sustainability issues

  Nihilent’s framework based process improvement approach  

The theories of process management are a synthesis of the concepts of Deming, Crosby, Juran, and others. Over the past 30 years, these theories have been used to address problems common to many organizations. Solutions have been discovered, but a gap existed between the state of the practice and the state of the art.  

Many of these concepts have been used to build process-improvement frameworks such as CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, and ISO etc. These frameworks are used as benchmarks to establish build and inculcate process culture that are aligned with business objectives.  

Nihilent’s process improvement offerings are based on the practitioners approach with a strong theoretical grounding. In other words, Nihilent walks the talk with its customers.  

Nihilent’s Process Improvement Practice offers very senior and experienced Lead Appraisers who are actively supported by other consultants with wide and rich process consulting experience. Nihilent’s consultants have provided process improvement consulting to many of the world’s leading organizations spanning across verticals such as Automotive, Embedded systems, Manufacturing, Defence, banking & FINANCE, utilities, retail, railways, telecom infrastructure and information technology.  

Nihilent helps its clients to assess their IT processes, plan improvements, implement change and measure results, and provide help and guidance in this journey. Our consultants have implemented process improvement programs for clients using various international quality frameworks/models that include ISO 9001, CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and IEEE among others. With a strong theoretical subject knowledge and wide practical experience, the process improvement consulting practice continues to grow at a rapid pace. Nihilent has had successful business relationships with many leading companies in the USA, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, Iran, Czech, UAE, KSA, China, India and many more.

Process Improvement Offerings
Why Nihilent is clients’ first choice
  • Practical & pragmatic Solution
  • Aggressive implementation
  • Robust institutionalization
  • Emphasis on outcome than mere output
  • Partnership & collaborative approach
  • Speedy change management
  • International presence and multi-cultural experience
Client Quotes
Encentric Inc. (Pennsylvania, USA) “We thank Nihilent for all the help, assistance and teaching throughout the whole CMMI process. Your professional services have been paramount for us in order to achieve our goal. We appreciate all the accommodations you did in order to go along with us during this engagement” – Mr. Omar Quintero – President  

Chrysler India Automotive Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai-India) “Chrysler was extremely happy with the quality of service provided by Nihilent’s consultants. We would like to appreciate them for their hard work and dedication and for excellent teaching of a complex subject. Knowledge and skills of Nihilent’s consultants were very good. Special mention must be made that they adapted very well to the automotive domain (non_IT). When it comes to accessibility and comfort level, excellent access 24/7 – Nihilent’s consultants always picked up and answered the call wherever and whatever time it was around the world.” – Mr. Suman Nelluri: General Manager SEA SQ Operations  

eJyothi & Ascella Technologies Inc. (Chennai–India, McLean – USA) “The quality of service was very good. Nihilent’s consultants provided expert guidance throughout the appraisal process and our team appreciates their practical and collaborative approach. The Lead Appraiser was always accessible and was pleasant to work with.” – Mr. Prabha Narath – SEPG Head  

Raqmiyat Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai–India; Dubai, Abu Dhabi–UAE; Riyadh–Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) “Nihilent Technologies has been associated with us for the past two years and they have been found to be very knowledgeable and passionate in the assignments they have undertaken with us. They have been very supportive in the journey to achieve CMMI Dev. Ver. 1.3 Maturity Level 3 for our ODC in June 2012. This has encouraged us to further associate M/s Nihilent for our endeavour to aim for CMMI-SVC Ver. 1.3 by June 2013 for our Corporate Office in Dubai and our facilities at Abu Dhabi and KSA. We at Raqmiyat are having an exciting experience with M/s Nihilent and are very happy and satisfied to be partnering with them for our all process improvement initiatives.” – Mr. Ramachandran G: Senior Manager, QA.  

Standard Bank (Johannesburg, South Africa) “Nihilent’s consultants guide us through the processes and critically audit the progress of every phase. They’ve been most accommodating and have brought several insights, knowledge and guidance to the team.” – Mr. Selvan Naidu – Program Manager – Standard Bank South Africa.
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