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Argus – Gain A Digital Footprint Of Physical Spaces

Argus - Gain A Digital Footprint Of Physical Spaces

Argus is a smart video analytics solution that blends Data Science, AI, ML, Computer Vision, and Predictive Analytics to track, monitor, and analyze physical activities and movements using the existing CCTV feed in real-time. It can generate actionable insights to manage people movements, safety protocols as well as process discipline in any business environment. Enterprises can enhance business performance using Argus’ rich analytics capabilities by leveraging Nihilent’s proven expertise in Data Science and its best-of-breed solutions.

Apart from special features to address COVID-19 safety guidelines, It also has proven built-in functionalities for the retail industry to help drive operational and business efficiencies.

Target Industries

 Target Industries

Key Deliverables

 Key Deliverables - Retail Store Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the retail landscape. Today, offline retail stores need to leverage technology to transition to the new normal retail. It is in this context, a solution like Argus will usher in a huge uptick in operational efficiencies and at the same time brings innovation and safety to physical retail stores.

Ensure Store Safety in Pandemic

Privacy and Security

Argus - Gain A Digital Footprint Of Physical Spaces

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