Holistic Testing

Today, the customers are increasingly having to accept products and services that do not address their needs, wants and aspirations. Difficulty of use features that do not directly resolve problems, lack of analytical insights are only a few of the challenges the customers are looking to overcome.

We at Nihilent understand that customer centricity is the key to any endeavor, and consciously strive to deliver world class user experience, while leveraging the latest and the best of technology. Through our holistic testing services, we enable designing of products and services that people love, and that empower businesses to win.

A key element of our testing methodology is the drive to enhance user experience. With our state-of-the-art User Experience Laboratory (NUEL) and some latest technological innovations like eye tracking, emotional metering, and a designed mindset, we deep-dive into the system and capture softer aspects like aesthetics, emotions, behaviors, satisfaction delivered and the quantitative aspect, covering a wide range of heuristics and usability metrics. Equipped with the above, we enable businesses to deliver meaningful and relevant experience to their users.

Our holistic testing methodology encompasses both conventional as well as persona-based testing. While conventional testing is focused on functional and non-functional requirements, persona-based testing keeps usability, aesthetics, and emotional connect at its focus. A confluence of business-centric and user-centric testing philosophies, results in an integrated analysis of the whole system.

Here’s how we do it…

With our user experience testing, you can…

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