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2022 MLB All-Star, Los Angeles

Leaders from Nihilent and NTT gathered at MLB All-Star Week. We demonstrated the FuturFan Experience concept at the Dodger Stadium Club to drive fan engagement while elevating the overall experience.

Nihilent and NTT showcased their emotional analytics and insights capabilities which helped gain a more holistic view of the consumer experience. Nihilent brought innovations to gather fan insights, offer personalized future fan experiences and reinvent immersive commerce to develop deeper connections beyond transactions.

Nihilent re-emphasized the use of technology to help organizations and communities achieve their goals in the Smart World digital era and create impactful customer experiences.

Atlanta Kar, Global Sales Head, Dipankar Mukherjee, Head of Innovation, Nihilent Amar Naga, President and CEO, Nihilent US, represented Nihilent at the event.