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Data Warehouse as a Service

Data Warehouse as a Service

Transformative Data Insights using Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

Data Warehouse as a Service helps organizations move to data-driven value-based service models, they face greater pressure to reduce costs. Migrating their infrastructure to the cloud offers them an elastic, secure, robust, and 24×7 available architecture on a consumption basis which eases cashflow and keeps pace with your growth.

Businesses are using Azure Data Warehouse to create new data warehouses in the cloud, extend their existing enterprise data warehouses to the cloud, and/or migrate on-premises data warehouse to Azure Data Warehouse. Azure also offers easy access to modern technologies including Cognitive, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Advanced Analytics that are available via API’s and can be easily integrated into existing applications.

Nihilent has helped leading companies across many industries implement future ready Enterprise Data Warehouses which can truly scale on-demand, handle exponential data growth across all types of data, protect access to your data and deliver predictive analytics for true business transformation.

Key benefits

  • Iterative delivery of reports and dashboards.
  • Single Enterprise View of Data.
  • Integration of Multiple Systems & Future Ready Technologies.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Maintenance & faster ROI.
  • Easy & Quick Migration.
  • Faster Query Performance & Model Execution.
  • Near Real Time Data Availability.