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Nihilent is a Global Consulting and Services Company.

Using a human-centered approach for problem-solving and change management, Nihilent offers a comprehensive range of expertise in customer research, process and technology enable newer heights of business performance. Our drive for performance change is through Transformation, Innovation, and Optimization.


In the face of relentless technology disruption, an organization’s relevance is imperative. We help our customers shake free from inhibiting ideas and structures developed around past successes.

We enable them through our proven and patented frameworks:

  • MC3 ®™ – A comprehensive, unified theory for transformation management

  • 14Signals™ – Customer-centric evaluation methodology and tool for evaluating experience, perception, and response



For us, innovation begins with an understanding of a customer problem.
We believe comprehending customer problems dramatically improves the odds of successful innovation. Therefore, we invest considerable time in understanding evolving customer needs.

Once we grasp customer problems, we deploy a comprehensive range of expertise in process, technology, and design to address them. We look at technology to disrupt the current playing field and make sure innovation aligns with the critical customer problem we have set out to solve.


We enable customers to operate at their optimum efficiency. Identify and close the gap between our customer’s current and ideal business processes and create systems for continuous improvement to function at their peak efficiency.

We draw from our time-tested process improvement methodologies, home-grown operating models, and enterprise architecture frameworks, by analyzing data, achieving strategic clarity, and then developing systems and processes to measure, optimize and sustain their execution over time. This enables the team to sustain the gains from improvement, identify and implement new opportunities for sustained growth.


We enable customers to realize these strategic goals through our comprehensive Business Consulting, Analytics, and Technology offerings.