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We are Nihilentians

Life at Nihilent

At Nihilent ‘Passion for Performance’ is our foundation, this is a behavior that all Nihilentians display intuitively. Our culture, practices and people are built around this.

Our core values promote flexibility, transparency and fairness in all that we do, and we have built a culture that encourages a free flow of ideas, innovation and thoughts.

With offices around the globe ‘Diversity and Equality’ is something that comes to us very easily, we are a melting pot of cultures that have a common goal – customer centricity and excellence.

Each project means new learnings and the opportunity for all our associates to cross skill and upgrade themselves, it also means collaborating regularly with teams across different countries, sharing best practices and creating a standardized and calibrated experience that is synonymous with Nihilent.

Above all else, we at Nihilent value skills and commitment. Nihilentians are long-runners and ever ready to take on new challenges. If you think you can provide answers to problems that matter, then Nihilent is the place for you!

Career Opportunities

Every day at Nihilent is a new opportunity to collaborate with the best minds across the globe, to develop solutions that make a difference. If you are a go-getter excited about working with the best minds, then wait no further. Go ahead and explore our current offshore & onsite opportunities.

Rakesh Sahasrabuddhe

As an upbeat and educated professional with extensive managerial experience, I have been employed at Nihilent for over a decade now and what a phenomenal experience it has been all these years. I have worked in a variety of roles from test management to program management to a Business consultant. It’s been a great enriching experience. I learnt how to design and build exceptional experiences at Nihilent and it has assisted me in achieving my goals in diverse areas. I excelled categorically in an area at Nihilent which was building customer centric collaborative ecosystem of people, process and technology with my learning gained over a decade with this firm. With my experiences I could/can personally drive specific components of a problem as part of a team, generating critical insights and tailoring and delivering effective communications to drive change, through the proactive solicitation and use of information, judgment, problem-solving methodologies and sector knowledge. I firmly believe in the following quote and often try to cascade it down to my team and peers! “Your age does not define your Maturity, your grades don’t define your Intellect and Rumors don’t define who you are. A true leader always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity (Global Minded Goals).“

Angela Roberts-York

Nihilent has provided me the autonomy, whilst still operating within the Agile boundaries to drive, grow and lead a highly-skilled team. As a Scrum Master, my job role enabled me to create new processes and apply technologies to ensure operational excellence. I was able to share those learnings by mentoring my colleagues as well. Nihilent has contributed significantly to my success and expertise in my field, by ensuring all round development. Indeed a great place to work and shine.

Abhijit Pantoji

Nihilent not only provided plenty of opportunities to me in different areas of technologies, domains and professional roles, but it has also shaped my outlook towards career. Nihilent’s culture has made immense contribution in my growth as a professional and more importantly, as individual. This is the right place for those who have appetite for growth and aim to build a career.

Mzwakhe Charles Chamane

Nihilent fosters an environment that encourages and celebrates diverse cultures. ‘Passion for performance’ is what we have in common. It guides how we work with each other and nudges us to walk the extra mile and manifest our potential to the fullest. The company also gives you ample headroom to grow. In 5 years with Nihilent, my career progressed from Junior Developer to Designer Analyst and now a Senior Designer. Throughout my career, Nihilent has played a major role in supporting me, and I have deepened my skillsets – thanks to the well-curated training programs.

Amit Renwal

My journey in Nihilent from a Fresher to a Delivery Manager in last 13 years has evolved with the advancement of technologies from intranet to internet, smart customer to Mobile and now Digital. The Company has justified it’s name- “Nihil’ which is nothingness (analogous to a fresher), from that until being a family member of the company, I have continuously evolved both personally and professionally year on year with the company’s growth.

Hiramu Justin Sirunwa

A great place to nurture your passion and grow. Started as a Senior Test Analyst and currently, I am a Senior Test Manager handling diverse assignments and work with multiple client organizations. Indeed a very satisfying and rewarding experience till now. What I like most about my job is the exposure I get, not just in my chosen domain but to diverse technologies and concepts.I evolve every day with Nihilent and on top of that, the friendliness and warmth from Nihilent

Ashish Pandey

Nihilent offers work life balance along with fast paced learning to the people who are actually looking. There is a feeling of ‘Team work’ and still a lot of independence for the individuals to enhance, improvise and innovate one’s work. It’s simply wonderful to be a part of this organization.

Karabo Ngoatle

AI joined Nihilent 3 years back and right from onboarding to today, it has been a memorable experience. I am very happy for the rewards and recognitions that have come in my way and I gained immense knowledge on Design Thinking. I got promoted from Senior consultant to a Design Lead with more responsibility at the client site, I got to lead a team of UX, UI, and Front end developers alongside the leadership of the client. Nihilent is different from a lot of companies out there because everything we do emerges from nothing, our intelligence is mostly unseen and that is what makes our creations stand the test of time.

Shashank Bhand

Learning new things at Nihilent helps me a lot to continuously grow as an individual. Nihilent provides new platforms time after time; this has enabled me to learn new and latest technologies catching pace in the market. Nihilent, as an organisation, keeps a sharp watch on the abilities of every associate & provides training on new and emerging technologies to those who are interested and willing to learn and improve their skill sets.

Londiwe Ndlovu

I would characterize my journey with Nihilent as – from a novice to a professional. Fresh out of college, I got an opportunity at Nihilent, and since then it’s no turning back. The environment at Nihilent has helped me to hone my skills and make a mark for myself. The company gives immense opportunities to learn and grow and training sessions were well thought out. Overall a very fulfilling experience working at Nihilent.

Swapnil Shah

Its all about wonderful journey of opportunities, achievements, improvements, growth, motivation and satisfaction with Nihilent. I am proud to be part of Nihilent and working with this organisation, is a great pleasure of mine, I appreciate most about the Nihilent is that it has given me the opportunities to work in a pleasant environment.

Nomvula Lucia Ngcobo

Working for Nihilent has given me numerous opportunities to grow personally. In 2 years I was given opportunities that had helped me evolve into a professional administrator. The company duly recognizes potential in its employees and invest in their future and personal growth. During the pandemic, the company has supported us in many different ways. I am grateful to be part of Nihilent and wish them all success in the future.

Hanish Gupta

After 11 years at Nihilent, I still get challenged with new problems to be resolved at my customers wrt to people, process & technology on daily basis. This keep me fresh and relevant in industry all the time. I believe in constant change, never want to go into comfort zone and I am proud that my company provides me that platform and keeps me going.

Mokgadi Moseamo

Nihilent has given me a platform to evolve in my career over the past 5 years. I started as an administrator then advanced to a Testing Intern and now work as a Senior Executive in Business Development. The empowering mentorship and training conducted have helped me cultivate a diverse range of skills and experience to deliver with confidence in all the areas I have worked in.

Manish Bharade

I started as a fresher and been a part of the Nihilent family for 11 years. Nihilent looked after my career aspirations by providing me with opportunities to work on various projects which challenged and helped me to learn and to keep me up to date. Supportive managers and internal/external training sessions on various upcoming technologies and exciting opportunities to work on has made my association with Nihilent a rewarding one.

MKwaila Moses Moeletsi

I got into a terrible car accident that left me with a broken leg, took me to the point of being differently abled. I nearly lost hope in life and at the crossroads, looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. But redemption came in the form of an opportunity from Nihilent and it gave a new meaning to my life. Nihilent enrolled me in a leadership program for Business Administration and ultimately onboarded me as an Account Coordinator for one of the biggest accounts within the company. The company looked beyond my physical limitations and trusted my capabilities. I thank you Nihilent for bringing my life back to reality again and revamping my confidence.

Thokozani Dube

Working at Nihilent has provided me with multiple opportunities for personal growth and opportunities to gain skills that would have taken years to get otherwise. I got opportunities to work in multiple spheres, from healthcare, insurance, financial services to broadcasting over 5 years while getting exposed to multiple client environments. The job has changed me immensely and the exciting part is that no client is ever the same, no work is ever the same and new skills and technologies applied to every client. One of the differentiating factors at Nihilent is that if you give your best and management recognizes that, you get exposure to even more projects and also get a chance to work at different levels.

Christopher Mohale

My Journey in Nihilent started with an apprenticeship for 3 months as an Assistant to the Office Admin team, since then I was presented with multiple opportunities and training within the company and I have worked in different departments such as Administration, HR, and now Consulting. The mentorship and training that was provided to me by the company have been overwhelming. This led to me receiving an excellence award last year. I am grateful to the company and how it shaped my career and life.

Job Openings

We are looking for people who want to make an impact – people geared to think differently. At Nihilent we encourage people to push the boundaries, to start thinking where others might have stopped. Our team is made up of people who truly believe that together we can achieve and make a difference.