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iDeal Intelligent Dealer Engagement Portal

iVen Vendor Engagement Portal on SAP-BTP

Nihilent has worked with more than 200 enterprise customers across the globe engaging in various types of assignments ranging from problem statement articulation, implementation, managed services, and digital transformation. We are currently actively collaborating with over 100 clients using our expertise in SAP’s leading business applications.

B2B channel is a very important link in many industries such as FMCG, Consumer Durables, Lifesciences, and Automotive. The channel partner may increase or decrease the distance between you and the next link in your consumer side supply chain. The deeper, the secondary & tertiary sales visibility, the more leverage you have in planning the inventory, promotions, and cash flows. And the speed of information transmission is the key. But with current systems and processes, such information can take weeks and might not even be accurate or harmonized.

A DMS (Dealer Management System) can help bridge the gap by giving real-time visibility of the secondary sales. With a more realistic view, inventory can be better planned improving sales, reducing loss of sales due to stock-outs, and improving working capital requirements at both ends through optimal stock-product mix planning.

The DMS has evolved into a DES (Dealer Engagement System) which goes beyond transactions and reporting. It can help in improving customer service and increase stickiness with your Dealers through transparency on stocks, payments, and promotions. With Intelligent Technologies such as iRPA, AI/ML, the DES is also evolving as a major component of the entire real-time, Intelligent Supply chain.

iDeal is such a modern Dealer Engagement Portal developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform by Nihilent. Sales channel partners such as distributors, dealers, stockists, and end customers can use this for primary and secondary sales. It allows the sales and marketing teams to engage with them and collaborate. iDeal helps customers to stay up to date with the status of their orders, dispatch details, payables, pricing, stocks, and promotional schemes. At the same time, the sales teams get visibility of secondary sales, inventory levels, stock status, and complaints.

With a self-service portal, voice and email communication are reduced, and there is accessibility anywhere, anytime.

The delays and errors in order processing are eliminated by directly linking iDeal to the backend SAP ERP / S/4HANA system.

Features of iDeal

  • Primary (Your Sale, Dealer’s Purchase)
  • Dealer Profile
  • Material, Pricing, Promotion, Stock details
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice Printing
  • Goods receipt – PoD
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Payment
  • Reports –Order status, Dispatch, Ledger
  • Announcements
  • Secondary (Dealer’s Sale)
  • Customer Profile
  • Sales Order entry
  • Sales Order Status
  • Delivery
  • Invoice Creation
  • Reports – Sales, Order status
  • Sales JSON for upload to/from accounting software

iDeal has been developed on the SAP® BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform). This is an open platform-as-a-service from SAP® for building and extending intelligent, mobile-enabled cloud applications using core platform services and unique microservices.

Being an SAP® product, it has unmatched integration with other SAP® solutions. As the platform evolves and grows, more and more services such as AI/ML and APIs are being released. Once subscribed, the platform can be leveraged for building and/or deploying other applications such as vendor portal, employee portal, audit portal, custom workflows, and other portal and mobile applications.

Each new release of iDeal will enable new business models, improve user experience and optimize processes by functionality, and features based on emerging technologies that get added on SAP® BTP.