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Brand & Marketing Transformation


Brand & Marketing Transformation involves consumers adopting newer digital technologies which pose additional challenges to the enterprises. Brands need to connect and provide unique experiences to omnichannel consumers.

HyperCollective is a specialized division of Nihilent, focused on building purpose-led superbrands using innovation in marketing, digital technology, and design.

The division is led by the Global Chief Creative Officer of Nihilent, the advertising legend, ‘Pops’ KV Sridhar. In a career spanning over 4 decades, Pops has crafted iconic brands and created award-winning communication, leading global teams at Sapient Nitro, Leo Burnett & Lowe.

The idea of HyperCollective came from a simple, yet powerful thought by Pops’ KV Sridhar that: “Competition is bitter. Collaboration is better.”

It is with this belief that it has over the last four years built the world’s largest collaborative platform, bringing together over 100 independent companies, innovative startups, and domain specialists from diverse disciplines. This Plug & Play collaborative model provides unparalleled agility, scalability, and responsiveness to Nihilent’s service offering.

The core team of HyperCollective is based out of Mumbai, India. Their work includes award-winning case studies and content for: Nestle, Starbucks, Tata-Tesco Star Bazaar, Taj Hotels, Amway, Coco General Insurance, and more.


Enterprises today are not only looking at service providers for the development of software to run their business in this digitally driven world. Their chosen digital partner must demonstrate empathy and cater to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior – both online as well as offline.

Nihilent is well-positioned to offer to its clients a greater degree of Interaction-experience through in-depth insights on consumer behavior. This will enable our clients to better connect with their customers as they will be able to understand in granular detail what the consumer wants.

Hypercollective’s strengths in creating an Interaction-experience will be amalgamated with Nihilent’s Consulting, Design Thinking, and Technology capabilities which will enhance and enrich our offerings. Today Nihilent is in a unique position of providing highly customized, blended change management solutions by striking a perfect balance between technology and creativity.