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Business Transformation

Our Business Transformation service partners with customers in successfully translating business strategies into definitive business results.

We enable business transformation through our patented change management framework, MC3 ® (MC cube) and, is supported by proprietary tools and technologies. Key offerings include business change management using MC3 ®, strategy execution using balanced scorecard and dashboards, digital strategy and transformation, capability assessment and development, performance management, knowledge management, innovation management, and customer experience management.

The change management process is implemented through the following steps:

Strategic Planning by Listening to Customers

Insights from customers are obtained using the Design Thinking approach aided by our patented 14Signals® framework.

Customer Strategy

Subsequently, based on this information, goals for the organization and its people are formulated and a strategy is developed to achieve these goals. This strategy would cover finance, customer, process, and learning (performance matrix).

Intent Alignment

Once the strategy is developed, the workforce is aligned to meet the organizational goals through training.

Business Process Optimization

Subsequently, the process is used to create, capture, and disseminate knowledge and the learnings from this are then used to further refine the processes.

The above steps combined, help the organizations to achieve their goals.

Why MC3 ®?

Multi-layered Engagement

Our MC3 ® framework tells us that enterprises are not simply the sum of their components or parts. Instead, they are the result of all their processes, systems, and people – a complex web of inter-dependencies and inter-relationships. It guides businesses to consciously design and deliver change by focusing on the intent, content, action, and performance management pillars within their organization.

Strategy Formulation and Execution

We also help our customers to put their strategy into action by integrating their transformational programs into the organization’s operations, thereby helping our customers to achieve the results promised by their strategy. Our service offerings also span strategy design, execution, and monitoring.

Process Management

We assist our customers to re-engineer their most critical processes for improved efficiency and effectiveness. We have capabilities to use specialized techniques such as lean, theory of constraints, total quality management, and Six Sigma. Through our focused set of offerings, we have helped many of our customers to manage their unit cost of processing by integrating their operations, standardizing and aligning their processes, centralizing their fulfillment capability, optimizing and automating their business processes, while ensuring their employees are multi-skilled and kept engaged and motivated to pursue a performance-based ‘continuous improvement’ work culture.

People Management

Optimizing employee productivity continues to remain a prime challenge for organizations. We help organizations engage, manage, and develop their workforce to utilize their full potential in alignment with their organization’s overall mission, strategy, and action plans based on our proprietary frameworks such as Competency Assessment (CAS) and Employee Loyalty Evaluation (ELE) and international standards which include Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) and PCMM.