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No Empty Promises,
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Forecast accurately upto 90%

Forecast accurately
upto 90%

Gain over 95% fill rate

Gain over
95% fill rate

Reduce Inventory cost Upto 30%

Reduce Inventory
cost Upto 30%

Increase Sales Growth upto 10%

Increase Sales Growth
upto 10%

Slash Wastage below 1%

Slash Wastage
below 1%

RESENSE our AI-ML platform, outperforms traditional demand forecasting by combining external demand drivers
with internal data. Our innovative Outside-In approach offers hourly, realtime, in-store demand prediction, giving you
unmatched precision. Say goodbye to waste and inefficiency, and embrace profitability with accurate forecasts.



Domino’s automated their
ingredient ordering, deliciously

Jubilant Food Limited, India’s major food franchise with 1600+ Domino’s outlets across India was manually estimating and ordering ingredients for each outlet. Manually done translating to inaccuracies in calculating consumption and indenting quantity, resulting in stock-outs, and waste.

Enter RESENSE, equipped with cutting-edge insights, the QSR chain could anticipate sales and consumption at the restaurant/ingredient level. In addition, they could calculate safety stock and automate daily indents at the ingredient or restaurant levels.

Since implementation, RESENSE has increased daily availability by over 40% leading to increase in sales and service levels by automating ingredient forecasts daily with an accuracy of over 85%. Plus, their auto-indenting service has brought down daily wastage below 1% leading to substantial savings in costs. A matter of pride for us.

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We helped one of India’s biggest grocery chains
to reduce their inventory load

Grocery Chain

With locations in over 35 cities, a prominent Indian food and grocery retailer was looking for a way to reduce inventory levels while increasing profitability and lowering inventory Days of Holding (DoH).

RESENSE helped the retailer create accurate sales forecasts and optimise inventory at the SKU level as well as provide scenario analysis to help manage inventory load in stores more efficiently.

The results were far more than fruitful, with a significant reduction in overall inventory burden as well as a reduction in DoH to specified guidelines, ensuring product freshness and customer satisfaction. A win-win situation for all.

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AI ML – Driven Automation
drives greater profitability

Real Time Demand Forecasting

Real Time Demand

  • Item Level Forecast
  • Ingredient Level Forecast
  • Business Value Forecast
  • Availability Forecast
  • Liquidation Forecast
  • Closing Stock Forecast


Replenishment Planning


  • Inventory Metrics
  • Safety Stock Calculation
  • Wastage Calculation
  • Auto Indent Generation
  • On Demand Indent Generation
  • Allocation Management
  • OTB Monitoring


Manpower Planning


  • Operations Staff Plan
  • Rider Rostering
  • Manpower Optimization


Price & Promotion Planning

Price & Promotion

  • DoH Monitoring
  • Liquidation Price Plan
  • Promotion Plan
  • New Item Price Guidance
  • Promotion Analytics


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