Media and Entertainment

As customers get used to sophisticated delivery mechanisms, the expectation is for on-demand content, integrated communications and collaboration across channels – TV, PC, mobile, PVR, IPTV, etc.

As a result, content owners and service providers are integrating vertically towards the end-user, positioning themselves in the value chain of data and content services. Nihilent offers a robust suite of consulting-led technology and information management services, underpinned by a deliberated design thinking approach, to media & entertainment customers around the world.

Synergy: Content Schedule Management

An innovative solution from Nihilent that optimizes, automates business processes and manages end-to-end value chain for Media Broadcasters. This simple yet holistic solution caters to all the operations of a content aggregator, right from Planning, Purchasing, Processing to error free Play-out, and keeps the golden thread of broadcasting alive. It does not only support Linear TV but has enabled business with launch of various Video-on-demand (VOD) offerings like TVOD, Catch Up, AVOD and SVOD. It also facilitates business managing financial inventory, liabilities and payments to content providers. The solution also provides intuitive dashboards for reporting and for bringing in greater visibility in the organization.

Smart Ads

With the growing need for advertisers to reach their target audience effectively, and an increasing appetite for broadcasters to monetize the content optimally, Nihilent’s holistically designed Ad scheduling solution is helping its clients enormously. The solution identifies the best content dynamically for an Ad to go along with on VOD platforms. It is an algorithm based system, which triggers the rule engine to perform the job keeping various attributes in consideration like Supplier Rights, Channel Rights, Ads Root Category, Business Area, Watershed Restriction by Country and so on. In order to enhance the viewership further, it rotates the ads innovatively to create a unique experience for customers.

Cloud-based Streaming Services

Scalable and secure cloud-based streaming services to engage your distributed consumers anytime and anywhere. We enable you to provide a seamless experience for your end consumer.

Subscriber Management

Subscriber management includes customer management, product provisioning, billing and device management. This is extendable to self-service and social media integrated solutions.

Talent factory

Talent factory is a platform that facilitates- identifying, grooming, and enabling talent to grow as next-generation leaders in the creative or media space. Fostering collaboration among all stakeholders to provide young emerging artists with the skills, knowledge and experience for a successful career within the creative industry.

Channel Viewership Analysis

Channel viewership analysis provides insights to the business on trends and preferences of viewers leveraging some latest tool and technologies in Data Mining and Business Intelligence.

Script Writing

Nihilent engaged with leading media houses in South Africa to generate local content for television. The script writing was conducted from offshore driven service model, content produced locally, and is currently on-air in Africa.

Content Process Optimization

Content process optimization aims at streamlining different phases of content journey – contracting, acquisition, processing and distribution.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Leveraging data analytics and intelligence-based solutions to understand consumer behavior through life time value, service upgrades/downgrades and viewership analysis.

Self-service Platform

Provide your consumers with a never-before power to easily procure, use, and interact with your services – and finally manage their accounts all by themselves!

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