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Digital Transformation

In this digital era, the customer is supremely empowered, and this power has resulted in changed expectations.

Given this backdrop, how can businesses respond to these changes? How can they continue to innovate to the new normal in the wake of such rapid transformations? The need of the hour is a deep customer-centered strategy, driven by a Design Thinking mindset that can help businesses navigate the digital era.

Nihilent’s digital transformation services help in re-designing customer value propositions and facilitate re-imagining operating models. We work with our customers in effectively addressing the needs, wants and aspirations of the customer by blending functionality, usability, aesthetics and emotional connect, in all our engagements.

Some of the world’s biggest institutions across industries have benefited from our customer-centric digital transformation services. Be it crafting compelling business value propositions, creating a digital strategy, instilling systems thinking, or creating metrics-based performance management practices, our services have always spanned the breadth of digital enablement and transformation, placing the end customer at the center of everything we do.

Digital Strategy Framework

Strategy in the digital world remains a complex and often dynamically evolving concept. It also requires a change of mindset from the top management and percolates across the organization. As guided by our digital strategy framework, we define the digital vision for our customers based on its three constituent components – a vision for the stakeholders, a vision for the services, and a vision for the systems.

The Stakeholder Vision: Digital by Choice – Stakeholder Value proposition

Stakeholders are rapidly taking up new digital options in the way they conduct their affairs. Their choice will shape and drive digital transformation in delivering what matters.

The Service Vision: Digital by Design

The key essence of our customers is in their services and delivery mechanisms. Our stakeholder-centric approach strives to optimize the products and services and the role of channels, by re-designing for digital, including espousing a proactive and personalized mobile-first strategy.

The System Vision: Digital by Default

We continue to explore and work towards aligning our customers to efficiently and effectively create and deliver on their stakeholder needs, by adopting digital technologies and innovations to transform operations.

Our framework’s ‘Digital First’ core reminds leaders to keep stakeholders at the center of digitalization efforts and transformation. The framework identifies the 7 value drivers as a mechanism to deliver the organization’s products and services. Organizations can enable this value delivery using a plethora of third platform enabling technologies.

The Digital First Core

All the thinking around digitalization opportunities is translated into a set of clear change actions by translating this framework into an ideation grid, a 5×7 matrix with the value drivers on the X-axis and the technology drivers on the Y-axis.

Through the lens of the emerging change actions, we find that digital transformation re-imagines the very foundational fabric of organizations, stakeholder or consumer experience, and operational processes in a way that connects people with the brand, products, services, and relations.

Our engagements leverage our proprietary frameworks and methodologies – these include tools such as MC3 ®  a patented tool that helps us provide our change management solutions, 14 Signals ® a tool that is used for evaluating the perception, experience, and aspirations of a customer, SightN2TM a framework for digital marketing. Our Sentiment Analysis tools are being used to drive the active interpretation of social media and Internet chatter to build ‘Big Data’ interpretations to drive scheduling, pricing, and content decisions targeting various demographics through perceived personalization.

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