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Nihilent helps you in building a highly scalable and agile digital core tuned for growth by leveraging BTP along with a best-in-class SAP digital ecosystem

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The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS). The platform can be leveraged for creating new applications, scale-up existing applications, integrate data and business processes. By adopting SAP BTP, you can maintain everything that makes your business great as you scale and grow with efficient processes, data insights, and intelligent technologies.

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With SAP BTP, you can establish the digital foundation necessary to stay relevant to market and business needs. For instance, keep up with the rising demand for your goods and services – regardless of your budget, workforce size, and digital skill. The platform for application innovation, integration, and extension provides a unique and comprehensive set of technology and business services. Your company can innovate with SAP BTP to build, personalize, extend, and connect business applications as well as leverage intelligent technologies that are the right size for your business. Additionally, you can acquire the agility, focus, and insight necessary to respond to change and keep customers engaged. Before we deep dive into what BTP can do for you, let’s look at the challenges faced by IT organizations.

What Ails HR Organizations?

Decoding the challenges faced by CIOs

  • Siloed and heterogeneous systems leading to operational inefficiencies

  • Bloated and unwieldy systems coupled with legacy systems leading to rigid, non-scalable IT infrastructure

  • CAPEX intensive IT procurement models leading to higher TCO

  • Not able to gain tangible business outcomes out of IT spends leading to lesser RoI

  • Inability to harvest data in real-time for business insights

  • CAPEX to OPEX shift

  • Gaps in digital strategy and execution

Reimagine your IT with SAP BTP

  • Database and Data Management: Run data anywhere, reduce data redundancy, connect and understand data, and govern master data

  • Application Development and Integration: Connect apps, data, and processes, simplify application development and expand with an open ecosystem

  • Analytics: Streamline analytics processes, embed BI and predictive planning, turn insights into action and visualize your decisions

  • Intelligent Technologies: Access AI, data-driven cloud apps, embed intelligence into processes, drive end-to-end innovation and scale your platform

Source: SAP

What Employees want from HR


SAP BTP enables the agile development of applications to support the specific needs of your business. Your innovations can include cloud-based applications that connect your collaboration networks, integrate your data sources, and harmonize end-to-end processes across applications. For example, you can quickly build an application that runs on iOS and Android devices to allow your field service agents to get the information they need when they need it and report any updates in real-time.

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SAP BTP supports and integrates all SAP and third-party back-end software systems, covering everything from employee engagement and customer experience to finance procurement, and the digital supply chain. SAP BTP allows you to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an app by delivering services such as:

Build, integrate, and extend personalized, collaborative, cloud-based mobile apps by using a comprehensive set of intelligent technologies and business services. SAP BTP , together with Cloud Foundry technology, allows for agile innovation with any programming language or service with the freedom to deploy on a hyper cloud of choice.

Unite existing back-end systems with processes, data, and business knowledge across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions. Take advantage of intelligent technologies such as machine learning, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and analytics.

Create easy-to-use mobile apps that meet your business priorities. According to SAP sources, Fiori has been created with inputs from every product team in the company, the target design for SAP Fiori was conceived with personalized business efficiency in mind. The information on each screen comes alive with colorful charts and other graphics, giving people an immediate view into not only what is going on and why, but also what to do next.

Deliver streamlined mobile apps using powerful features and integration with back-end SAP software systems. By combining services from the SAP BTP with intelligent technologies and integrating them into an intelligent suite of business applications, you can attain your vision of a connected intelligent enterprise that innovates with agility and speed.

Note: Video byte extracted from Aki Anastasiou’s What’s Next interview with Sabahat Kazi, Global Head, ERP, Nihilent, in My Broadband. To watch the full interview, click the following link at https://whatsnext.mybroadband.co.za/series-2/episode/23

Why Nihilent

Nihilent for over two decades has championed a human-centered approach to problem-solving and change management- what we call ‘Humanizing Technology’. With Design Thinking an ingrained element in all things we do, we usher in an ‘Interaction-experience, through patented consulting frameworks.

Over the years Nihilent’s SAP Practice has deployed SAP BTP and transformed IT organizations to achieve digital alignment with their business and stakeholder needs. Our domain experts have curated relevant solutions and support services for SAP to renowned organizations across diverse industries.