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Achieve real-time insights through Azure Synapse Analytics

Organizations today are looking to strengthen the role of knowledge workers with informed insights using BI, Visualization, and Augmented Intelligence. Are you able to harvest your complex data and achieve real-time insights?

Successful digital transformation hinges on strategically aligning multiple technologies and services with business requirements. In the technology ecosystem powering transformation, Analytics acts as the fulcrum. In this always-on-connected world, businesses need an Analytics backbone that is nimble and can adapt and evolve as per business requirements.

How does one create an intelligent insight ecosystem? With Azure Synapse Analytics, organizations can do more and more complex analytics for better, faster, and more automated insights. It can be used along with Data Science for automating insights with a depth and scale beyond the abilities of human analysts. These insights can be derived from the in-house systems of records as well as data from social media, digital interactions, and markets.

Nihilent’s Data and Cloud CoE has proven expertise on Azure Synapse Analytics and has helped numerous enterprises accelerate their business value with Azure SQL Datawarehouse and Azure Data Lake by bringing data from all sources into one place and creating a single source of truth.

We have ushered in a data-led digital transformation across Banking, Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation among others. For these industries, we have delivered several services such as:

  • Data Warehouse on Azure for Sales Hierarchical Reporting.
  • Predictive Insights for Loan Origination, Collection, and Risk.
  • Data-led Non-Fuel Retail Strategy.
  • Customer Engagement and Experience by Leveraging IoT Data.

Nihilent as your trusted data transformation partner can help build:

  • Highly scalable Analytics platforms.
  • Visually intuitive and state of art secure, automated, and high-performance reporting. solutions.
  • Self Service BI.
  • State-of-the-art architectures for managing unprecedented data growth.

If you are looking to get a grip on harvesting data for real-time insights, this is your opportunity to learn from experts at Nihilent’s Data and Cloud CoE and gain insights on achieving data success through Azure Synapse Analytics.

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