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Holistic Quality Engineering and Testing Services

Nihilent’s Holistic Testing practice is equipped with world-class UX labs, patented tools / frameworks, experienced consultants, and follow industry best practices

Nihilent’s Holistic Testing involves understanding the potential risks that a business may carry regarding a system or technology used or added. We evaluate and quantify potential risks utilizing our proprietary methods and help businesses with a possible risk mitigation plan.

We understand the importance of mitigating risks. Our team has years of experience and the expertise to gather, study, and analyze data that helps businesses avoid potential risks. In addition, we leverage the latest and best technology to offer holistic testing services that enable businesses to design products and services that people love, empowering businesses to win.

Nihilent’s UX Labs powered by the latest technologies and processes are helping customers to capture softer aspects like aesthetics, emotions, behaviors, satisfaction delivered, and the quantitative part, covering a wide range of heuristics and usability metrics. Our testing services cover both conventional as well as persona-based testing. While traditional testing focuses on functional and non-functional requirements, persona-based testing keeps usability, aesthetics, and emotional connection at its focus. A confluence of business-centric and user-centric testing philosophies results in an integrated analysis of the whole system.

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Nihilent Holistic Testing stretches conventional testing boundaries and adds significant value to the project and businesses through our best in class testing services.

Our approach is in sync with the current market landscape for testing. For instance, the software testing function has undergone massive changes since the advent of ‘Agile and DevOps’ practices. To achieve quick releases with uncompromising quality, extensive ‘Test Automation’ was the only way forward. Hence, the QA/Testing function has become more technical than functional. While the functional aspect is still essential, shorter releases and clear definitions of requirements have elevated testing expectations. Now the demand is more and frequent test execution in a short timeframe. Nihilent has adopted this change by leveraging its extensive experience in test automation to consolidate its position as a premium Consulting vendor in the ‘Software Testing’ space.

Organizations worldwide are accelerating their digital push to ensure that they meet the ever-growing digital demands of their customers by providing them an exceptional experience. Customer experience, flawless quality, and faster time to market are the three key pillars for any digital transformation initiative.

Understanding the ever-changing digital landscape and the dynamic needs of its client organizations, Nihilent has re-modelled its delivery methodology to deliver new applications and solutions at a much faster rate with uncompromising quality. Applying the latest DevTestSecOps methods and our core capabilities in digital testing, our fully integrated engineering teams perform Continuous Testing at scale and operate with the speed, agility, and flexibility required for our client’s digital business initiatives.

Continuous Testing makes for an accelerated software development process by employing testing strategies, techniques, and tools at every stage of the software lifecycle. It embraces both the Shift Left / Shift Right’ approaches.

Continuous Testing expects testing to be embedded within each phase of the development process and not just executed at the end. Nihilent’s DevOps approach is wholly integrated with the Continuous Testing component. It uses modern-day tools and techniques to leverage test automation capabilities extensively so that the test execution continues on every commit/ each day/ week. Faster feedback with actionable insights is the key to the successful implementation of Continuous Testing.

Nihilent has been advocating this approach to all possible customers as it provides immediate tangible benefits to the projects. Nihilent has a matured TCoE with subject-matter experts who are advising on different solutions aspects of this approach.

Cloud has acquired a meaningful role in the digital era because it gives enterprises a unique ability to ramp up almost any configuration without any upfront costs. And hence, it has reduced time-to-market, reduced overall workforce costs, and given organizations flexibility to focus on the application instead of infrastructure.

Migrating the infrastructure to the cloud leads to significant cost savings and liberates you from maintaining recurring expenditure on your CAPEX. Though these benefits are crucial, it also brings a set of risks around ‘Performance and Security. Hence, it becomes critical to employ a cloud-specific testing strategy that can cater to non-functional aspects while using cloud platforms to host software applications/products.

Nihilent has defined a broad framework around cloud-based testing with a primary focus on:

  • Performance (Load and Volume)

  • Availability Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Security

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Data migration testing

  • API/ Web-services testing

  • Compliance Testing (like GDPR)

  • Service Virtualization

Nihilent is accelerating the pace of solution development using service virtualizations. Our expert team crafts compelling and innovative service virtualization that allows you to conduct test executions of applications and gives you an evolutionary roadmap. Nihilent’s service virtualization removes potential bottlenecks and expedites test execution at the beginning of the solution development itself, leading to appropriate course corrections.

Traditionally, there used to be a big-time gap between testing and development activities. Most of the time testing teams had to wait for applications to be fully coded and deployed before starting functional or performance testing. Ideally, different components of a system or application are built at various timeframes and then all are integrated as a single product ready for testing. This process is linear and extremely slow.

With the advent of service virtualization, DevOps teams by using virtual services instead of real integration services, enable the testing teams to conduct repeated and thorough testing even when many software components are not available.

When running agile at scale to deliver complex enterprise-grade programs involving multiple systems from disparate technology stack like Mainframes to Mobility, it becomes essential that each ‘Agile/DevOps’ team should make use of service virtualization to remove the need for other integrated systems, thus reducing significant time-to-market and reduced costs due to earlier defect identification.

Either it’s BI or EDW or Data Mart or Big Data, the data testing involves creating, executing, and maintaining tests that verify and validates the data quality across all stages of data travel. The data integrity may be compromised when data is created, integrated, moved, or transformed. Nihilent’s experienced consultants create a custom test strategy that fits into specific business scenarios and projects, preventing data integrity issues by exposing the problem early and in an automated manner.

In the data space, the potential cause of the error may lead to a business loss and the actual problem may lie anywhere in the entire IT/business landscape. Such tedious tasks often result in many hours of manual effort. We craft a test strategy that prevents potential delays in testing and enabling the project to perform early testing at various stages.

Nihilent’s in-house testing capabilities ensure quality in big data platforms, and businesses can rest assured that the insights presented to them from the big data layers are accurate and can be trusted to make critical business decisions. Nihilent E2E testing capabilities deliver big data and related testing requirements containing valuable metrics to measure the testing outcome.

Our robust Big Data and Analytics Testing service helps enterprises with

  • Data Ingestion Testing

  • Testing of Migration to Big Data Lakes

  • Analytics Testing

  • Visualization Testing

  • Data Quality & Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Testing

  • DW Dashboards/Reports Testing

  • Big data Performance & Stress Testing and Test Automation

Nihilent Test Automation capabilities are tool-agnostic, platform-independent, with comprehensive options available depending on the business need. Our Test automation capabilities enable enterprises to expedite the test execution, improve solution delivery time-to-market, and reduce overall costs and effort.

Our experienced consultants work with market-leading commercial and open-source test tools and help customers incorporating best practices and reap the maximum benefits. In addition, Nihilent has partnered with leading automation tool providers and provide E2E comprehensive test automation solutions.

As software development shifts towards ‘Agile and DevOps’ delivery models, it has become necessary for enterprises to use ‘Intelligent Test Automation’. Furthermore, continuous delivery to production systems is not possible without proper test automation. Nihilent is helping enterprises to implement and adopt intelligent test automation from the beginning of the project work and aligns the testing practices with the overall solution delivery method.

With 20+ years of experience in test automation and related technologies, Nihilent provides test automation services to global customers and adds value to businesses.

Test automation for web technologies covers the front-end and captures the feature through the entire architectural layer, which involves services and databases. In addition, frequent changes in user demands have led to continuous releases with feature addition or changes, giving rise to continuous testing, especially regression testing.

As organizations mature in the test automation area, they also start employing the techniques to test the new feature code commits directly through test automation instead of utilizing test automation at the regression testing layer. Nihilent has successfully delivered such an approach in many projects and programs globally.

Nihilent has a solid technological command of both Licensed and Open-source software in the domain of test automation. We have significant experience in the usage of industry-leading tools like QTP/ UFT, Selenium, Protractor for Angular, BDD frameworks like Cucumber and Robot, design patterns like Page Object Model/ Page Object Factories, and many more.

Nihilent has provided mobile testing to diverse business verticals such as Insurance, Media, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, among others. We leverage industry-leading mobile testing tools and best practices.

The enterprises need to continuously deploy and launch seamlessly functioning quality, applications to stay ahead in this digitally transforming world. In terms of form factor, mobile is fast becoming the preferred medium necessitates the need for mobile test automation. Nihilent has expertise in mobile testing and automation, framework design, and maintenance using cutting-edge tools and technologies for Android and iOS platforms, resulting in quick release with quality.

Nihilent mobile test offers:

  • Mobile Test Advisory consulting Services

  • Mobile Test Tool Feasibility analysis

  • Mobile Test Automation Framework design

  • Cross-Browser Testing

  • iOS and Android compatible testing

  • Performance Testing

  • UX testing

Nihilent Performance engineering is an evolved, comprehensive, ‘Shift-left’ version of ‘Performance Testing’ where performance optimization continuously takes place throughout the release lifecycle. Nihilent Performance Center of Excellence (PCoE) provides E2E performance solutions enabling customers to launch applications with high responsiveness, availability, and scalability.

In traditional performance testing methodology, testing was carried out at the end after functional testing and SIT were done. That approach created a lot of ambiguity in release planning and incurred higher costs as the defects were found later in the cycle, leading to the re-execution of some cycles of testing. Hence, with the advent of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Testing, performance engineering also gained momentum. Performance engineering is not just limited to QA, but it involves architects, developers, and QA collectively.

Decoupling different application components during the design stage, running profilers during the implementation stage, and conducting small user-story level performance tests in the CI pipeline, are some examples of performance engineering.

Nihilent has built a comprehensive framework for integrating performance engineering practices in the Agile/DevOps structure and has since consulted and implemented it for many of its client organizations, leading to significant gains in time-to-market, costs, and overall productivity.

Nihilent performance testing includes:

  • Performance Test strategy

  • Evaluation and selection of tools-technologies

  • Define Performance SLA’s

  • Analysis and recommendations for improvements

  • Experienced consultants

  • Partnership with leading performance tool vendors

  • Experience in industry-leading cloud platforms

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