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Let’s Unite and Heal The World

The world stands united in fighting the COVID-19, but sadly never got united to preserve Mother Nature. Today billions of humans are in lock-down for whom? Businesses have hit the pause button for whom?

Of course, not for wildlife. Of course, not to preserve trees and jungles. Of course, not to improve the quality of air. Of course, not to improve the ozone layers. Governments and corporates are pouring money to save humans. I never saw such unity ever before. Let’s accept the reality, today each one of us is frightened and hiding in a so-called home as a precaution to live another day.

Planet Earth, almost 8 billion inhabitants, always on the rush – to pollute, to make money, damage the environment, decimate the forests, creating conflicts and war- the list is endless. In the name of economic development, humans have plundered the natural resources and demonstrated an utter disregard to the flora and fauna of this planet.

At this point, humans need to look back on the path they stomped. We have never been united in saving the ills of the world like saving our environment and preserving the beauty of this planet. But a crisis has tied us all. Today we have become a collective, as each country is dependent on each other for the very survival of the human race. COVID-19 is a wake-up call. It has provoked us to think. How come a crisis which originated in a small town in China has taken the world by storm. But the only silver lining out of this calamity is that nature has hit the system restore button.

This beautiful world is led by a strong commander-in-chief “Mother Nature”, sadly humans consistently failed to recognize the power.

It is happening today, and it will happen in the future, again and again, If Humans fails to save the environment then Mother Nature will take control of the situation. Today our mother nature is controlling the world and allowing air to become cleaner, Ozone layers getting repaired, the animals are feeling at home after decades of being troubled by humans, water sources are becoming clean, the sky is clear blue, and stars are twinkling bright and visible. This is absolutely the time to introspect and we all humans must start behaving. This lockdown is just for a few weeks but in the future, we may have to hide in caves for months and years.

Let us unite in overcoming COVID-19 and also at the same time take a pledge to save mother earth, let this revival be a beginning of new dawn, let boundaries disappear and let’s be more human.

(By Sanjeev Singh, Head-Testing, Nihilent)