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  • Following the acquisition, Founder of Hypercollective KV “Pops” Sridhar joins Nihilent as the Chief Creative Officer
  • The unique acquisition bridges the gap between technology consulting and creative execution

March 19, 2020, Mumbai: Nihilent, a global consulting and services company that uses human-centered approach for problem-solving and change management, announces the acquisition of ‘Hypercollective’, a cross-disciplinary innovations agency that solves real world problems for brands, corporations, and governments.

Further to this acquisition, creative guru, KV Sridhar, popularly known as ‘Pops,’ former Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hypercollective will continue to look after all the creative initiatives at Nihilent and Hypercollective. Nihilent’s technology stacks used for a deeper understanding of the customers, will be amplified with Hypercollective’s creative capabilities to bridge the gap between technology, digital, spatial, and creative.

Commenting on the acquisition, L.C. Singh, Director and Executive Vice-Chairman, Nihilent, said, “Nihilent is glad to have Hypercollective onboard, we look forward to providing our customers a greater degree of interaction experience by offering them in-depth insights on consumer behaviour. This will not only help them understand granular details of what the consumer wants, but also enable businesses to undergo a smooth digital transformation.”

“The customer is all-pervasive, granulating their needs, wants and aspirations is the key to any successful service. Given this backdrop, this acquisition gives us the unique capabilities that will further complement our human-centered approach. Leveraging our mutual strengths, we are well-positioned to offer brand management, UI design, digital, creative, spatial and consumer research”, added Minoo Dastur, President and CEO, Nihilent.

Nihilent, KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, Nihilent said, “While technology plays a vital role for any enterprise, Hypercollective’s strengths in creating an interaction experience will be amalgamated with Nihilent’s consulting, design thinking, and technology capabilities which will enhance our offerings. I have always had a keen interest in technology, specifically in Artificial Intelligence (AI). I look forward to achieving that perfect balance between technology and creativity.”

The Evolving Consumers and the Enterprise

Consumers are adopting newer digital technologies which pose additional challenges to the enterprises. Brands need to connect and provide unique experiences to omnichannel consumers. Therefore it is imperative to granulate the customers’ needs, wants, and aspirations to build successful services and products.

Enterprises of today are not only looking at service providers for development of software to run their business in this digitally driven world, they are also catering to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior – both online as well as offline.

About Nihilent:

Nihilent is a global consulting and services company that uses human-centered approach for problem-solving and change management. Nihilent’s comprehensive range of expertise in customer research, process and technology enables newer heights of business performance. Nihilent enables customers to realize these strategic goals through its comprehensive Business Consulting, Analytics and Technology offerings. www.nihilent.com

About Nihilent’s User Experience Lab

The Lab offers an ideal setting to innovate, drive a deeper understanding of customers and build products and services that create an emotional connect with the users. The UX Lab is guided by a structured framework in accordance with industry-recognized principles and includes the six stages: Sense, Immerse, Define, Ideate, Build and Validate. The UX Lab leverages a range of tools and technologies such as facial recognition tools, biometric software, brain wave sensors, and webcams. These two labs are located in Pune and Johannesburg.