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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Nihilent offers a comprehensive suite of AI, Machine Learning, User Experience and Design Thinking based solutions to customers around the world.

Nihilent is delivering AI-based solutions for several operational verticals, such as:

  • Vehicle Telemetry: The solution analyzes trip details such as driving pattern, frequent place of travel and maps the insurance policy information for further analysis such as classifying vehicle segment, performing a correlation of driving pattern with accident claims.
  • A Modern and Comprehensive Parking Solution: Implemented using Azure IoT for leading parking solution provider. The effort included an assessment of the existing solution and re-engineering it into a more modern, scalable cloud-based platform.
  • Facial Recognition: Provides a trusted system for facial security. It prevents access to the premises for unregistered persons.
  • Recommendation Engine: Using market basket analysis to make recommendations based on the relationships among products/services and the products/services utilized by customers.
  • Text Analytics: Deals with several unstructured documents and performs Text Mining of the corpus of PDF data to create a structured database using keywords and Natural Language Processing. The solution will help in understanding how existing and proposed projects are likely to behave in future.

Leverage AI and Accelerate Digital Transformation

If you’re looking to build your next product or want to create a personalized customer experience, Nihilent can help you accelerate your Digital Transformation through AI that is impacting how companies compete and succeed in today’s data-driven world.

Engage your Customers

Deliver rich support solutions across multiple channels using conversational AI that adapt to customer actions and preferences.

Transform your Business Processes

Infuse innovative AI capabilities into your applications or websites with solutions relevant to your business and industry.

Modernize your Applications

Provide intuitive customer experiences with the customizable AI services at the click of a button.