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The Incentivization and Loyalty Management Platform (ILMP)

Successful business outcomes hinges on the ability to process critical sales data, slice and dice that data for intelligent insights. Several stakeholders are involved in making the successful sales grid in its ambit encompasses sales, marketing, and finance departments. Marketing and sales need to seamlessly blend to create a proactive sales model that leads to tangible benefits.

Here is where Incentivization and Loyalty Management Platform (ILMP) comes into play, it bridges the gap between your sales and marketing efforts by giving you actionable sales insights. ILMP is an apt platform that helps enterprises manage sales incentive and retailer loyalty programs. For instance, ILMP gives the discovery of best-performing retailers and assist in motivating them for greater performance.

ILMP – The Key Differentiators

A sales incentive automation platform factors in several performance parameters so that a logical view of the performing assets can be granulated leading to intelligent insights. ILMP decodes the following scenarios:

  • How can we maximize operational efficiency?
  • How much capital is tied up in inventory?
  • What are the most popular and least popular products?
  • How efficient are my incentive campaigns?
  • How many types of retailers do we have?
  • Is there any missing link between retailers and consumers?
  • Are we losing sales due to the long wait time?
  • Is there theft or other leakages in the supply chain?

The above scenarios are amply addressed by ILMP’s functionality that cuts across:

At the users’ end, it empowers them to create campaigns with ease. For instance, through a web-based console, they can create a campaign, then enable and print the QR code and start tracking sales data in real-time using a mobile app. The data mining is available at the backend.

Achieving Business and Sales insights

  • Sales predictions:Predicting sales of various Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) over a period to help optimize logistics.
  • Product popularity: Understanding the popularity of SKUs in terms of point of sales, place of sales, retailer, and other factors.
  • Retailer success: Getting in-depth performance review of retailers.
  • Real time updates: Real time update on every sale made including seller details and geographical location.
  • SKU specific updates: Getting updates on sale of SKUs per retailer per geography as feedback for launch and special marketing campaigns.
  • Last mile transparency: Getting accurate numbers on SKU inventory and sales per retailer.

The ILMP Advantage

Target Industries