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Digital Platforms

We understand that businesses want to craft meaningful experiences for their consumers. Experiences that are pleasurable and unified across all channels.

With the explosive growth in the development of technology, availability of hand-held and desktop devices, connected local and global communities through social media and instant messaging apps, these end customers have got power at their fingertips with potential to change the fate of global conglomerates with just a social media post.

Digital Platform Framework

We have conceptualized a Digital Platform Solution Framework, encompassing cutting-edge technologies including Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, Image, and Video Analytics to help customers connect with their customers in a personalized and context-aware manner. It delivers value to customers in line with an organization’s brand value proposition.

It is a scalable framework derived from our insights and knowledge about ways to establish true connect with customers anytime, anywhere. It helps the customers not just to take the first step but throughout their journey.

The framework is supported by an outcome dashboard for executive leadership to monitor the progress and impact of customer experience to value delivery and enhanced market share.

It is driven by three themes:

The Digitalization theme helps to drive a seamless omnichannel experience for customers, Personalization brings focus to know each customer’s behaviour and unique needs to interact with them on a personal level. And finally, Interaction and Engagement advocates to reach out to customers and to engage and be with them in their entire journey.

Key Components of the Framework

The framework has a four-layered architecture, as depicted below:

  • Foundation and Integration Layer, via micro services-based design enables integration across platforms and systems.
  • Core Functional Services are put together on top of the first layer which works as the heart of the framework. It contains the core business logic of the platform.
  • The Smart Engine, through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered algorithms, forms the brain that helps understand customer’s context and offers personalised services to individual customers.
  • Omnichannel interface ensures that the customers get the same delightful experience across all channels or touchpoints, reinforcing the brand and value proposition in the minds of the users/consumers.

The framework includes an Analytics engine that generates actionable insights for the users, using which, the users can get a 360-degree view of customers, identify and segregate customers in different risk profiles. This helps users to make personalized offers, cross-sale right offerings and manage risk more effectively. The framework is flexible and can accommodate partner ecosystem and future extensions.

With the help of our Digital Platform Solution Framework, businesses will be able to reach customers, offer them unique and delightful products/services that fit their needs and help them throughout their journey.

We offer this framework to our customers in a white-labelled model and enable them to reap all the benefits.