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Application Development and Maintenance

A hyper-connected digital world has necessitated the role of IT to be an integral part of business strategy and not a mere enabler anymore.  The software should seamlessly enable business processes and increase business efficiencies. This, however, requires the software developer to have deep knowledge and experience in the domain the business operates in, coupled with technical skills.

At Nihilent, our Application Development and Maintenance professionals work as key members of the customer’s IT delivery team and are closely aligned with their business strategy.

Nihilent provides Application Development and Maintenance services using a highly optimized onsite/offshore model. Our stringent quality procedures coupled with benchmarked practices and experienced delivery skills, help customers derive maximal returns for their IT spend.

Using customer-oriented and Design Thinking led software processes, Nihilent works collaboratively with customer teams to:

  • Identify the business and technical requirements and the solution roadmap.
  • Define the best-fit solution architecture and technical design.
  • Validate requirements and fitment using prototypes and demos.
  • Build and integrate the solution using Nihilent’s component-based frameworks.
  • Conduct reviews and pre-UAT.
  • Facilitate business validation and user testing.
  • Conduct pre-release testing.
  • Manage solution release and rollout.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Besides, we provide Technology Consulting services, which includes a comprehensive review of existing enterprise/application architecture and solution design against best-practices, technology improvement recommendations, and transition planning.

Application Maintenance Services

Along with application development, we also provide application maintenance services and enhancement of software applications, including:

  • Preventive Maintenance: We help our customers minimize the need for corrective maintenance by getting to the root of recurring problems and fixing them. The results are reduced costs, increased availability, higher performance, and improved end-user satisfaction.
  • Perfective Maintenance: Perfective maintenance is about improving the quality of applications through design enhancements. While managing our customer’s applications, Nihilent gains an in-depth understanding of their business processes and IT systems and recommends and implements modifications for enhancing the functionality and performance of the systems.
  • Adaptive Maintenance: Changes in the business world are continually forcing companies to find better ways of doing business. Nihilent helps customers in taking advantage of change whether it is market-driven, technology-driven or regulatory – by adapting the customer’s IT systems to handle it. Our adaptive maintenance solutions enhance applications so that they can respond to evolving business needs.
  • Corrective Maintenance: It quickly and effectively resolves a problem that interfaces with the system’s ability to get the job done. Using tools and techniques, we quickly isolate and resolve problems before a solution can be identified, find a way to work around it to get the system back and running as quickly as possible.