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Application Integration Services

Nihilent’s Enterprise Application Integration service addresses the needs of Application-to-Application Integration (A2A) and Business-to-Business Integration (B2B) as well as integration needs in Supply Chain, CRM and ERPs.

Nihilent leverages best of breed technologies to provide seamless Application Integration Services. We offer a broad range of services that takes a comprehensive view of the IT assets and transform the enterprises to the next level of technology maturity.

Service Offerings

  • Conduct Integration Needs Assessment: Analyse existing enterprise integration solutions, provide gap analysis against best practice.
  • Define Integration Architecture: Define the integration architecture framework, and processes for designing and implementing solution integrations.
  • Implement Solution Integration: Design and implement technical and process integrations within an organization and with its supply chain network.

These services go together with technology re-engineering and legacy modernization to ensure that key application transactions are amenable to integration.

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as an important tool for helping enterprises to leverage existing investments, to arrive at new products and services. Designed from a services perspective and implemented correctly, SOA can help enterprises integrate disparate applications.

Nihilent takes a structured approach to solution design and delivery drawing on our years of expertise in architecture and design, skillsets on various standards, technologies and platforms, as well as industry domain knowledge to deliver high value to customers.

Nihilent’s Centre of Excellence for SOA

  • Strategic and pragmatic consulting approach for Service Definition and Design for implementing SOA.
  • Establish, measure, and execute governance policies.
  • In depth re-engineering expertise to provide collaborative, inter-operable and integrated shared services.
  • Service Orchestration and Enterprise Service Bus implementation with the right technology for enabling SOA.
  • Services implementation using J2EE / EJB 3.0 / PHP / .NET

Product Integration and Enhancement

Nihilent offers a wide range of integration services to make the customer’s product work across multiple hardware and software platforms. After understanding the business challenges and the product architecture, Nihilent helps to integrate the product with the customer’s existing infrastructure, newer technologies or platforms, following a well-defined process that ensures smooth transition to the latest technology or platform, while minimizing business risk. The integration services are available across the technology landscape spanning Globus and Hogan products.


Globus, a product of Temenos offers unique, real-time financial support environment to wholesale, retail and investment banks and to other financial institutions. Nihilent provides various product integration capabilities in Globus to financial institutions:

Support & Maintenance Services

Nihilent’s team of experts is responsible for resolving various issues and incidents that are logged related to the Globus core system and its various interfaces. The incidents are broadly classified as follows:

  • Core system Issues.
  • Local Development Issues.
  • Globus Interface Issues.
  • End of Day Support.
  • Development and changes related to new requirements enhance day to day banking activities.
  • Live Support (Example. Fixing Corrupt Account File, problems with FTP line).

Business / System Requirements Study and Gap Analysis

Nihilent has a core team of experienced Business & Process Analysts with exposure to banking domain and can analyse existing Globus implementation from a People, Process and Technology perspective.

Nihilent’s holistic approach starts with elicitation of requirements from customers by way of workshops and interviews to understand current (“As-Is”) product features, business rules and parameters. The technical analysis includes the understanding of various interfaces with electronic banking channels (ATM, PoS, Internet banking, etc.) and other applications.

The team creates the “Core banking application rollout program” with clear objectives, approach & methodology and delivers accordingly. This includes the data management strategy, testing strategy, risks and impact on bank’s customers and users due to change in technology and processes.

Product Integration Expertise

Nihilent provides product integration expertise between Globus and other third-party application systems/interfaces and products. Various types of these integration interfaces and applications with Globus include:

  • Integration with third party and internal Payment systems.
  • Integration with Internet Banking applications.
  • Integration with various local-bank clearing and settlement systems.

Hogan Umbrella System

Nihilent has very good understanding of Hogan umbrella system – a development framework owned by CSC – and its various products like, CIS, CAMS, IDS, IPH, NEPS, RE, ILP, Host to Host and OCS etc. Nihilent provides various products integration capabilities and offerings in Hogan to leading financial systems.

Support & Maintenance Services

Nihilent has a team of experts involved in support and maintenance services in the following areas:

  • Development of new application using Hogan Architecture.
  • Hogan Batch scheduling and support.
  • Functional enhancements in Hogan System.
  • Hogan Functional Testing.
  • Conversion of card accounts from legacy system to Hogan.

Business / System Requirements Study

Nihilent has a core team of System Analysts, Business Analysts, Process Analysts and Domain experts who do an “As Is” analysis of existing Hogan systems from a People, Process and Technology perspective. This facilitates the understanding of various products (like CIS, ILP, IDS etc) and their features, business rules, parameters and helps in obtaining system requirements.

Nihilent has built standard templates and procedures to document Hogan systems covering high-level Landscape, Framework and Context diagrams. These diagrams are useful for a snapshot of an architectural view of the individual system and carry out re-engineering initiatives.