By Sabahat Kazi, Global Head, ERP, Nihilent


Digital transformation has played on the minds of CXOs and business owners for the last so many years. But only a few could visualize the roadmap to real transformation. With SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise framework, companies can now visualize and start on that journey to become an Intelligent Enterprise (IE) which is a far deeper and tangible concept than digital transformation.

With the sudden change in the business environment due to the COVID crisis, businesses have realized the need for systems that are not only resilient but also flexible and capable to innovate at the same time. As one of the WhatsApp forwards read “who has to lead the digital transformation of your organization – Options a. CTO, b. CEO and c. COVID-19”.

While SAP solutions have helped companies digitize their operations for decades now, the IE framework can help companies reinvent their business model, leverage data to gain new insights into their operations, customers, trends and use that intelligence to execute on their strategy.

The first step in the roadmap strengthens the operations by adopting a digital core like SAP S/4HANA on a cloud infrastructure and keep it simple instead of customizing it. The next step would be utilizing intelligence that uses the operational data for planning and prediction on the SAP Analytics Cloud. We need to build differentiating processes and functions on the SAP Cloud Platform while keeping the digital core free of customizations. This will enable companies to adopt new emerging technologies quicker instead of having to wait for years before thinking of upgrades.

The evolving business landscape demands agility. And the need to make our businesses flexible in adapting to ever-changing “new normal” is no longer a strategy for hyper-growth, but for survival.

As an IT consulting company, we have always been helping customers adopt best practices and helping build differentiating solutions. With the IE framework, we can now do it X times faster and less disruptively. So if you are looking to transform your business, we can help define your journey and help you become an Intelligent Enterprise.


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