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Retail Leadership Summit 2022

Nihilent was a sponsor for the Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) organized by the Retailers Association of India. RLS is one of the biggest knowledge areas sharing platforms. The event was held from April 27 to 28, 2022 in Mumbai.

Nihilent showcased RESENSE, an AI/ML-based business platform for Intelligent Retail to enable automation of Merchandising, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Operations with the click of a button. It also demonstrated its SAP capabilities for the Retail industry. Nihilent has been leading the adoption of S/4HANA for customers in many industries across CPG, Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical wherein accelerated deployment in as little as three months for end-to-end processes such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay. As part of the event, Nihilent also presented its Artoreal commerce platform.

Nihilent speakers participated in two-panel discussions at the event. The panel titled “Business Transformation to stay relevant, powered by digital” featured Sabahat Kazi, President, Intelligent Enterprise, Nihilent.

In the second panel discussion, Ajay Aggarwal, Head, Retail, Nihilent was one of the panelists. The event culminated with the awarding of the Retail Champions Award 2022 and the Retail Start-Up Award 2022.