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Seal the Deal with iDeal

Our iDeal – Dealer Management System (DMS) offers the best of both worlds. Customers can harvest the benefits of an ERP and DMS and create a robust supply chain paradigm for their organization. The primary sales information will be in your ERP, while the secondary sales information will reside in the DMS.


B2B channel is a vital link for industries such as FMCG, Consumer Durables, Lifesciences and Automotive. The channel partner may increase or decrease the distance between you and the next link in your consumer side supply chain. The higher your secondary and tertiary sales visibility, the more leverage you have in planning your inventory, promotions and cash flows. Hence a disconnected system where this information is communicated through various channels at intervals as long as 30 days does not help.


iDeal helps in bridging the gap by giving you the visibility of the secondary sales at shorter intervals. With a more realistic and near ground view, inventory can be better planned for improving sales and reducing the loss of sales. It can also help in improving customer service.

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