Highly Scalable Delivery

Nihilent has evolved a delivery methodology that promises aggressive delivery timelines with a full stack team regularly delivering business outcomes on a transformation roadmap.

A number of our clients have leveraged this capability for their digital transformation and business disruption journeys.

Nihilent’s Highly Scalable Delivery Framework is based on Scaled Agile, Distributed Agile and DevOps with a multi-disciplinary team that can work across boundaries.

The team, first understands the end goal of customer and constraints within the client environment. A framework is then applied, which gives options to form team/s of multi-skilled and full-stack skilled associates, who are domain experts and can provide solutions or strategy in short span to customer, without overloaded documentation.

Internally, the organization is divided into tribes and chapters. A tribe represents a group of teams with similar objectives. A chapter is a group of resources across tribes with similar skills and expertise. A chapter led for each of the skill area focuses on enriching and cross-skilling the resources to make them compatible with changing technology landscape. At any given point of time, each chapter of specific domain or technical skill is equipped with capacity, tools, R&D lab and ample proof of concepts to adopt to any technical or domain challenges.

DevOps plays a critical role in achieving flexibility and scalability. It is a standard practice with Nihilent’s scalable delivery to equip itself with DevOps process and tools for each delivery assignment.

Fluctuation in demand and expectation of shorter time to market is met by plugging in similar set of teams without any turnaround time. Change in technology, approach or strategy is absorbed in the given delivery structure without compromising the end goal, time to market and commercials involved in the scope. Change in requirements, scope creep, change in approach, change in design are no longer seen as blocker, rather these are the ways to keep product updated and vibrant. Nihilent’s scalable framework takes care of such fluctuations as shock-absorbers and maintains the momentum of delivery.

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