The fast-paced innovation in both the mobile device market and changing ‘user’ patterns makes, transitioning to mobile more complex and varied in terms of choices and approach. Nihilent assists organizations in establishing architecture frameworks including the process and governance for evaluating mobility solutions, as well as end-to-end solutioning and delivery of mobile applications.

  • Multi-platform Framework: Nihilent has skills and framework to create mobile enabled solution for multiple channels (such as Mobile App, Mobile Web, USSD) allowing solution to be accessible over different platforms. This includes the capability to create native or cross-platform software solution considering business need, all the way from the still-prevalent features phones to the very latest smartphones.
  • Integration: Nihilent’s mobility solution integrates well with your existing infrastructure. This has been possible by leveraging the expertise of more than 1000 highly skilled professionals across various technologies (PHP, Java, .Net), CRMs including SAP, CMS, Servers, Databases and many more.
  • Secure Solution: Nihilent has a vast experience in creating Banking and Financial solution. Solution designed by Nihilent has being used by many reputed and large organizations especially in payment and banking sectors. Security comes bundled with our solution and is one of the key value adds.
The Mobile Advantage

  • Productivity gains: The use of mobile-enabled solution can increase process efficiency and workforce productivity through real-time information transfer, improved resource allocation and more accurate data management.
  • Cost reduction: Mobile-enabled solution can reduce physical infrastructure costs due to an increased workforce mobilization.
  • Sales performance: Real-time data access enables faster response times resulting in increased win rate and ultimately increased market share and additional selling opportunities.
  • Customer satisfaction: Internal process improvements result in a better level of customer service, aligned with increasing customer expectations (such as speed of response).
  • Employee satisfaction: Mobile-enabled solution enables greater workforce flexibility, freedom and sense of reward for employees, at the same time meeting ever-increasing expectations.
Case Studies and Related Insights
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