Product Development

Nihilent has undertaken a number of product engineering engagements for startups and innovators as their product engineering and development partner. By bringing in an outward-in customer-centric view to scaled product engineering, our teams have played a key role in the creation of innovation IP in areas as diverse as mobile money and payments, blockchain, health records, digital platforms, and data monetization solutions.

Though they seem similar, there are radical differences between project and product development.

Designing and Delivering for the End Customer

At Nihilent, we meticulously focus on all the aspects of a product life-cycle. The business vision, product road-map, revenue model, IP management and sales support are at the core of a robust product development plan.

The delivery methodology is entirely customer-centric. We leverage our holistic Design Thinking methodology to create a sophistic and integrated product delivery model that uses customer insights to drive the product development life-cycle.

Product Development

The scope of development is kept extremely flexible and innovative. Each release and each functional unit is intensely assessed with customer personas for adding or chopping any feature that does not add to emotional connect. The use cases are crafted by the domain experts and CX consultants with careful consideration of user expectations. Early validation of the story board from the customers enables to create a solid foundation for the development.

The Agile development methodology efficiently supports this flexibility and reduces the time-to-market. Both the business and the development teams, work in coordination for the development.

Our product architecture takes into account scalability, portability, extensibility, availability, interoperability, performance, security and the latest technology trends in the market. Our effective DevOps practices ensure continuous delivery of various releases. We leverage various DevOps tool stacks, both on-premise and on-cloud, based on the need and nature of the product.

Product Service Lifecycle

We ensure that Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operations the components which drive the lifecycle of a product are well planned and managed.

Product Development Team

We put in place a multi-disciplinary team that combines the best of design thinking and product engineering expertise. With a clear line of sight of the end customer, this team focus on designing for the customer, steering away from a product centric approach that limits the appeal and desirability of typical product engineering efforts. Our CX and Design Leads play a major role in driving the voice of the customer throughout the product lifecycle.

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