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Nihilent offers world class digital solutions that solve business problems to drive improvements, innovation and transformations. We empower your business to understand its data and enable data-driven strategy to change processes, behaviors and ultimately, refine outcomes.

SightN2™ for Warranty Analytics

Uncover early hidden patterns using advanced analytics against your data to minimize warranty claims. By taking a proactive approach you can make a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.

SightN2™ for Warranty Analytics is a solution that takes your heterogeneous data, analyzes and aggregates it into a dashboard enabling you to spot potential warranty issues earlier. To optimize for quality control analysis, this solution includes Nihilent’s patented Six Sigma Control Chart Automation Process (U.S. Patent No. 8,838,524). Early detection allows early mitigation, quality process optimization, and saves you time and money. This leads to the ultimate goal: increased customer satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics Features

Text Analytics: Use all the data at your disposal by capturing meaningful information from comment fields and notes from service technicians and customers. Our solution leverages advanced natural language processing and text analytics to find new trends hiding in plain sight and leveraging the data you are already collecting in the claims process.

Fraud Analytics: Proactively identify fraud and only approve valid claims to reduce exposure and minimize costs. Rest easy with our automated monitoring. Our solution customizes the predictive model that identifies such fraud and continues to learn and improve based on your data.

Claim Forecasting: Manage your warranty reserve with data driven confidence. Our solution models your sales and claim processes to accurately predict future claims.

Outlier Detection: Let engineers focus on engineering and quality instead of reporting and data mining. We use sophisticated techniques to consistently and reliably identify outliers and new trends hidden in your data.

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SightN2™ for Omnichannel Marketing Analytics

Nihilent’s SightN2™ for Omnichannel Marketing Analytics solution arms marketers with breakthrough insight and simplified decision-making tools to improve marketing performance. Marketing analysts, managers and agencies now have access to the previously hidden insights with easy-to-use dashboards, enabling strategic and tactical decision-making for high impact digital marketing.

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Customizable framework meets unique organizational and marketing needs
  • Integrates with existing environments and marketing systems
  • Fuses disparate data sources including paid media and sentiment analytics
  • Extensible to new media channels & programs
  • Available on Azure and capable of running stream analytics for near real-time analysis for digital data

Interoperability & Reliability

  • Out-of-the box integration with leading online marketing tools and services, such as Google Analytics, Webtrends, Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ExactTarget & more
  • Leverages best-in-class Microsoft technology: Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, Office 365, and Dynamics 365

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Combine the power of weather data with your organizations data, to turn insights into high value predictive action!

Climalytics™ is a pre-defined weather analytics solution that delivers weather data such as temperature, precipitation, postal codes, etc. that easily “snaps-in” to various other types of custom data directly from your organization. Start gaining deeper insights and driving better decisions with a solution in 3 weeks or less!

How can my business use weather data to gain an advantage?

  • Reduce overall operational costs, increase flexibility and agility for predicting more accurate on-hand inventory
  • Enable more targeted sales and increased returns on marketing campaigns for your products and services
  • Increased patient care and satisfaction by predicting needed staff scheduling for weather related illnesses
  • Proactively predict and respond to weather issues impacting on-time delivery and logistics management
  • Increased understanding and analytics to more accurately predict consumer buying behavior

Realize Results Using Advanced Analytics and Robust Visualizations

Our clients using this solution have been able to redefine how they do business, realizing gaps and inefficiencies from the past while becoming increasingly proactive with future state planning. With clearly defined reports, dashboards and Azure* machine learning models, our customers have been able to quickly identify potential issues and turn them into solutions for success.

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