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Enabling Consolidation

Nihilent proposed an Enterprise Data Consolidation Platform that enabled self-service reporting and predictive analytics.


A US-based diversified media organization that is into traditional media, digital and mobile media platforms. The company owns, operates, programs and provides sales and other services to hundreds of television stations and related digital multicast signals reaching a bulk of the US television households.


With diversification comes integration challenges. For instance, the company over a period has acquired multiple TV stations and digital players. This has led to:

  • Loosely integrated multiple source systems.
  • Data being locked up as most source systems are SaaS deployments.
  • Access to data was via flat files and limited direct database access.
  • No formal platform master data standardization or data warehouse for consolidation.
  • Manual reporting.


Nihilent proposed an enterprise data consolidation platform that enabled self-service reporting and Predictive Analytics solutions that brought in:

  • An Operational Data Store (ODS) to house data from several source systems.
  • Master Data Management (MDM).
  • An Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to enable self-service reporting and analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics solutions like Dynamic Pricing led to targeted lead generation.


The solution advanced by Nihilent enabled the company to unlock and maximize the value of the data stored in multiple source systems and led to enterprise-wide transformation. It led to higher revenue traction through increased visibility into growth opportunity indicators like market penetration, next logical purchase, and targeted lead generation.

Moreover, the platform gave the company the leverage to analyze the performance and identify the challenges and be in sync with the market dynamics due to its capabilities to do predictive modeling and improve forecasts.