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Going Global with an E-Commerce Platform

This leading retailer was looking at a common eCommerce platform for mobiles and desktops to allow localized content for websites in the international markets.


A leading specialist retailer for expectant mothers and children’s merchandise, the company operates internationally through franchisees in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. Headquartered in the UK, this company’s products are sold through the Group’s multi-channel retail operations and globally through joint ventures and franchises.


Since the company operated out of a dual model- through franchisees or joint venture operations for the global markets, to support the ever-growing presence of their international business division, the company was looking at a common eCommerce platform for mobiles and desktops that would allow localized content for websites in the international markets. To ensure smooth roll-out of its e-commerce platform, the company enlisted Nihilent to perform ‘Usability Testing’ for its global mobile website on different mobile devices.

Moreover, the customer was struggling to meet the testing needs of their eCommerce department and faced the following challenges

  • No standard test process definition resulting in low-quality product.
  • Non maintained regression suites and absence of automated scripts taking much longer time to market any idea.
  • No test management supervision resulting in less productivity and lesser control on a day to day test activities.
  • A high rate of defect injection causing slippage of project timelines, hence impacting cost.
  • The business was hesitant to leverage the maximum benefit out of the latest test tools.
  • Longer and unplanned testing impacting business to run their day to day operations.


Nihilent suggested the following factors to be considered for effective testing by way of creating a Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) on an onsite-offshore model to overcome the above challenges and factored in the following deliverables:

  • The layout of the application – page alignment and placement of objects.
  • Color and size of UI elements on the application.
  • Simplicity in navigation.
  • Accessibility.
  • Consistency between different pages.
  • Confirmation messages, warning messages, timeouts display.
  • Design errors (in comparison with wireframes).

In terms of platform and technologies used, Nihilent used the Magento (e-commerce platform) and various mobile and tablet devices to test across Android and iOS operating systems.


The company accrued the following benefits:

  • Implementation of standardized test processes and procedures in helping projects to finish high-quality products.
  • Automated tailored regression suite making the releases quicker to market.
  • Strict quality gates and governance ensuring all the entry and exit criteria are followed for later phases to run effectively.
  • Metrics-driven approach to measure and control the project’s health.
  • Centralized knowledge base and availability of core team members across projects ensuring better quality.
  • Dashboard and Reporting to all levels of stakeholders helping the customer to take a firm decision on approving key changes.
  • Availability of Dashboard in JIRA (real-time) improved competitiveness at the workplace to showcase the best of their capabilities.
  • Showcased high benefits of Atlassian system to direct IT including business users for leveraging maximum benefit.
  • Selection and procurement of cutting-edge tools (like SeeTest), based on the research carried out by the team.
  • Usage of a cloud platform for running the automated mobile suite.
  • Accomplished user-centric testing by involving eCommerce and UI SMEs in session-based testing.
  • Ensured smooth roll-out of international eCommerce platform as per users’ expectations with good look and feel as per best practices.
  • Ensured the successful user experience of international e-commerce platform to enrich user experience after each overseas roll-out.