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On Cloud Nine

A look at a leading Indian Financial Services organization, one of the early adopters of Cloud and how it deployed a highly scalable elastic Cloud Datawarehouse solution.


One of India’s diversified financial services organization having a pan-India footprint across 1,400 locations and 20,000 employees, the company’s core offerings are spread across Lending, Insurance, and Wealth Advisory. Given the business lines and the customer connect across consumer, SMEs and commercial segments make it a behemoth in every sense.


The segment the company operates out is characterized by aggressive customer additions by the day, and to meet the growing customer base and their demands the company looked at an IT infrastructure that is elastic, and to address the growth pangs. Moreover, to run operations of this scale, the company’s IT organization needs to be powered by the best of breed cutting edge solutions. It was facing a plethora of challenges and significant ones were issues related to performance, scalability and operational issues in their On-Premise Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

To transition to the next level of tech maturity, the company looked at deploying a truly world-class enterprise data warehouse addressing the changing business requirements across business domains. The hallmark of any IT solution delivery is to drill down into the existing solutions and look at the performance downers. Clearly, various best practices are needed to arrive at a comprehensive rollout.


The team of experts from Nihilent chalked out an elaborate deployment strategy based on a Design Thinking framework that makes for developing products and services creatively by leveraging technology disruption and deliver a personalized and delightful customer experience. This approach facilitated a seamless tech-enabled business transformation.

Let’s here look at what the team has put in place:

  • Created a new EDW (with 70+ denormalized tables from 500+ tables) on Azure DWaaS.
  • Designed and implemented a data model for Campaign Management.
  • Implementing the Bureau data model for various credit scoring data coming from credit companies.
  • Developed ETL for Historical data load and incremental data load.
  • Automate Risk Deck Preparation (more than 300 slides in PPT with various GRID and Analytical reports – currently prepared manually)
  • Migrate all existing SSRS, Tableau reports to the new structure.
  • Migrate all SPs/Jobs that aggregate the data as per Analyst needs.


The EDW rollout ushered in a huge transformation and the much-needed computing elasticity. The company gained capabilities to do Massive Parallel Processing tasks and also achieved the ability to process huge amounts of data for an efficient business outcome. The enterprise also achieved the following benefits:

  • Restructuring of existing On-Premise data warehouse (500+ tables to 65+ tables – de-normalized and more suitable for Massive Parallel Processing Platform)
  • Developing ELT from On-Premises data to Azure DWaaS using Blob Storage, Polybase for faster data transfer.
  • Re-Engineer existing business logic and dashboard on newly designed Cloud DW to generate Risk Deck.
  • Reporting Layer and Advance Analytics layer on Cloud.
  • Setting up entire Azure India Data Centre environment (Dev, UAT, Production)