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Riding on the Digital Bandwagon

This customer engaged Nihilent to define its digitalization vision and to re-imagine the organization to craft a compelling value proposition.


The customer is a statutory authority within the federal government portfolio of Communications and is the regulator for Broadcasting, Radio-communications, Telecommunications and, the Internet in Australia. The intent was to foster an effective regulatory environment in support of a dynamic communications sector.


Due to a lack of a cohesive digital strategy, there was no concrete capability building around social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud computing. Moreover, the absence of identifiable digital objectives and lack of performance measurements acted as an efficiency downer. Being one of the few converged regulators in the world, the customer took on to a resolve to remain agile and relevant at a time when many new, unexpected challenges are arising in the communications and media industry. In its effort to remain constantly relevant and delivering on its mandated outcomes and statutory obligations, it wanted to transform itself into a resilient, e-facing, learning organization, responsive to the numerous pressures of the industry it serves.


The customer engaged Nihilent to define its digitalization vision and to re-imagine the organization to craft a compelling value proposition, provide effective service delivery and organize itself for efficient value creation and demand fulfillment through innovative use of digital technologies. This vision was further unpacked based on its three constituent components – a vision for the stakeholders, a vision for the services, and a vision for the systems.

The engagement was intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create a digital strategy plan to align with a converged regulator vision.
  • Provide recommendations for key performance indicators following the assessment of the customer’s ICT operations.
  • Recommendations for an associated multilevel reporting framework across the organization.
  • Advice on the required capability to leverage analytics across available data from multiple sources.


Nihilent took a deep view of the stakeholder concerns and rolled out a multi-pronged approach to  digitalization opportunities. It then collated the expectations around agency performance into a set of performance imperatives such as regulation, brand, market, community, country dynamics and organization. By these interventions, the customer gained the leverage to explore digital opportunities and trends in social media, mobility, analytics, cloud computing, and IoT that led to the creation of its digital strategy encompassing – digitalization vision and digitization initiatives. Nihilent enabled the customer to achieve the following business benefits:

  • Defined Digital Transformation framework.
  • Identified digitalization opportunities.
  • Performance reporting measures.