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Industry 5.0 and Human Intelligence

Industry 5.0 and Human Intelligence
Human civilisation could undergo an entire transformation as a result of advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing

The world is moving towards Industry 5.0. In Industry 5.0, human intelligence will work in harmony with cognitive computing. Industry 5.0 will bring human workers back to the factory floor and work with robots where their robotic ‘co-workers’ will understand them and effectively collaborate, which will help increase efficiency and reduce waste and cost.

ChatGPT can view as a prominent example of machine-human collaboration and how cognitive technology is becoming part of our life.

New advancements in AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Quantum Computing technologies have the potential to affect masses which can transform the entire human civilization.

For example, speaking in any language on a mobile phone and a machine will perform the run-time translation in any other language; enjoy the movie as if you are one character in a film in the 3D world, and get personalized medicines based on your medical history. It seems like science fiction, but Research and AI, ML, and robotics advancements are making it a reality. Analysis in Quantum Computing is going to reduce development time.

Technology, research, and knowledge-driven economies will grow in the future. In the current industrial revolution, the Indian IT industry has evolved as a service industry, but in the future, India will have the opportunity to become a product-based industry.

Technology is becoming an integral part of all manufacturing industries. Consider manufacturing of pen to rocket. Each manufacturing process uses automation, and soon, this space will be replaced by Smart Machines, i.e., machines that have the power to make decisions and work with humans.
To address future requirements, we must focus on creating a futuristic industry-oriented academic syllabus and infrastructure along with direct participation of the Industry. Forming AI excellence centers is a very strategic step for the government, which will help create close partnerships between Industry and academia. Industry – close academia association has the potential to produce IPs that can launch as Google or Facebook.

Data and computing power is the main roadblock in any AI/ Machine Learning IP development. The Government, along with Indian companies, need to invest in creating a supportive environment that will help to generate data and computing environments and make them available for free for research institutes and startups. This will help to produce more opportunities and jobs, which will further help to stop or create brain gain.

This blog was first published in the Times of India